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    This is an organization we have UNITED with and are working with on a few things here and there, one being the convoy to DC.

    Now Senator John McCaine shows interest to meet with the ones going to the rally in DC. We'll see how this turns out.

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    Story date: 04/23/2008
    Yankee Pride Transport
    On Mon.
    , April 27, 2008

    Yankee Pride Transport in Damariscotta will be joining a truck convoy originating in Lincoln to be part of a convoy of several thousand trucks from over 25 states that will roll on Washington D.C., Tues., April 28.

    "The Coalition to Lower Fuel Prices that was started in Lincoln last fall has mushroomed into a national revolt against the price gouging and speculation that is bringing our country to a standstill," said Yankee Pride owner Larry Sidelinger.

    On Sun., April 27, Congressman Tom Allen will be at the Kennebunk service plaza on I-95 to greet and speak to the coalition at approximately 9 a.m.

    "As the coalition rolls south, we will be joined by trucks from all over the Northeast, to a rally and staging point in Harrisburg, Pa., Sunday night," said Sidelinger. "On Monday the 28th the convoy will make its way to the Capitol where Republican presidential candidate John McCain has indicated he would like to address the rally.

    Sidelinger said, "The goal of the protest is to end speculators in the oil commodities market and to end the huge tax breaks to big oil, and to alleviate the hardship that high energy cost is doing to the U.S. Economy.

    "I know our plans sound ambitious, but when we started last fall nobody thought we would get this far. Every day I hear people say 'We gotta do something about gas and fuel prices,' so this is our something - educate and inform our elected leaders that they are going to be held accountable for how they vote in government, not only at the federal level, but especially at the state level, too," he said.

    At this time the convoy truckers are scheduled to meet with Senators Snowe and Collins on Monday, along will other representation of federal officials from the transportation department, to discuss 6-axle trucks on the interstates. "It promises to be interesting, that's for sure," said Sidelinger.

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    landline interview from today with JB

    Truckers gear up for protest rally in D.C. - Midstate PA Local News, Weather, Sports & Entertainment - PennLive.com

    landline from April 1 about the meeting with Hilary

    South Dakota Truckers in their rally on the 28th in support of the DC rally
    Hard times on the highways ยป RapidCityJournal.com

    Maine trucks getting set for weekend fuel price protest

    wbztv.com - Maine Wire
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    They got held up a little bit cause of a wreck but should be rolling in tehre anytime. And no it was not anyone from the convoy that wrecked.
    Helicopter had been following them.
    Talked to JB and the horns, the horns were bad LOL needless to say it was rather LOUD
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    FOX NEWS is about to show it. They are worried about TRAFFIC TIE UPS in DC!!!

    That would be Fox News Channel, not a local FOX network.
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    Wow. A 30 second spot, hundreds of trucks in a 3 - 4 mile long convoy. All that the DC media is worried about it traffic.... and of course they wish the rain in DC would hit CA to stop the wildfires. They DON'T WANT this on the news, heaven forbid someone take notice of OUR piddling problems. I'm so freakin disgusted right now!!!

    Pete's Wife

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    All I can say from what I am watching on the traffic webcams in DC, Thank God for the DUMP TRUCK DRIVERS. There are more of them there than there are OTR O/O from what I can see. CNN says there are only 500 truckers that are protesting the cost of fuel. About a 60sec. clip.
  9. Flatbedpete

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    FOX news keeps showing it, short clips... they are hoping to get a solid count on the trucks soon.
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    Bandit we contacted the dump truck drivers from last time and got them in on it. Some guys could not afford fuel and teamed up with another driver to run down.
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    I e-mailed all the trucking companies in MAryland as well that I could find on the internet. And the ones in DC and PA
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    It's a damn good thing you did contact them. Without them you might have had 50 trks. What the hell happened to the 3,000?
    I just watched the ridiculous ride through town, and I didn't see 150 trks.. The tour buses did a much better job of screwing up traffic than the convoy did. The cameras I was looking at didn't show them attracting too much attention at all. I hope the talks that are supposed to take place are a whole lot more effective than the so-called convoy. I really do hope they are successful, for all our sakes. Obama's ex-preacher is getting a hell of alot more attention than the truckers right now. Does that tell you how effective we've been so far?:wtf:
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    well geeee let's weigh this for 1 second----OBAMA Vs' the TRUCKERS??? yeah big difference there
  14. lunachic

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    Yea, it's just the start.
    We need to keep working the legal system.
    These talks I don't belive r directed toward us.
    Ok, we need to start working on getting people into office.
    we need to have reps. from every state in the Gov.
    I belive u would make a good senator,
    I was afraid from the begining if u read my back post this would not work.
    we must work the system.............................
    Boycott can prove to be effective......................
  15. BANDIT

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    Yeah, let's weigh this for a second !!! Truckers (who have the power in their hands to control the entire economy of this country) compared to Obama (a 2 term Ill. senator who would like to become the first black pres. and has the power to control not one damn thing). And looking back, I believe I said, "Obama's ex-preacher, not Obama. We're talking about saving the jobs and businesses of alot of damn good Americans here. It's not just a show or a game we're playing. If we don't do it right, and we keep up with these little piddly attempts, not only the politicians & big oil execs are going to laugh at us, but the general public is going to laugh even harder. I don't mean to put a dent in your ego since you obviously think this thing is going so well, but if this is all ya'll have, We're all in big trouble. There better be a whole lot of jobs available at JB Hunt & Schneider & Swift Trans. for all the poor O/O that are going to lose their trks and their businesses. I'm not asking you to like me or anything I stand for, but please think about what I'm saying and think about the people who's lives and livelyhoods are at stake here. I really hope this thing gets a whole lot better for everyones' sake. Have An Awesome Day
  16. Flatbedpete

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    The first YouTube Video hits the internet:

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gIj5dXtf0Fc]YouTube - Raw Video: Truckers Protest Fuel Prices in DC[/ame]
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    Bandit this is for MEDIA coverage on it. Not discussion. THe discussion is up under the strike.

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