Want to be a trucker.

Discussion in 'Canadian Trucking' started by Mabeysmove, Sep 25, 2013.

  1. krelithous

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    well hell look at birch he's a toilet cleaner and trash guy:eek:
  2. ironpony

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    That's karma... what got dropped around the parking lot, is comin' back around at him.

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  3. Southern Fried

    Southern Fried Well-Known Member

    Thing is, there's no safe trades anymore. Hasn't been for awhile. Back in my 20's I did a stint as a custom car painter. Specialized in murals and such.... air brush work. I was good at it.... hell I was very good at it. So was my partner. He was known as "Bug". His signature was painting a fly or some other critter on places like a fender. So realistic was it, you'd see people at a car show trying to chase the bug off the vehicle.:biglaugh:

    But back then we used lacquer paints. A full sized van with extensive murals often took 100 coats. Each one wet sanded by hand. But you wound up with that "deep" look like you could stick your whole arm into it like a pool of water. Expensive? Yes, for that time it often ran up around 5 or 6 grand. But we had a waiting list.

    Because of the paints and thinners and the lack of fancy breathing apparatus common today, the thinners and stuff finally got to me and I had to quit. Bug went on to specialize in custom Vettes (metalflake, etc). Well, it finally got him. He collapsed of a massive heart attack in his early 40's. As a matter of fact, he fell right on top of a Vette he'd just finished laying color on. I can hear him betchin to St Peter...,. "Did you HAVE to drop me on the Vette???".:biglaugh:

    Today you have better paints and safety equipment but you hardly ever see anyone doing this anymore. Much cheaper to go buy a "wrap" that's computer created and reproduced ad infinitum.

    There's all kinds of trades that are in the same boat. Their top practicioners were known as Artizans for their skill. Nobody wants or cares about craftsmanship any more.
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  4. Geranimojess

    Geranimojess Well-Known Member

    Never a true'er word spoken...only consolation is that these "Masterpieces" by Craftsmen of yesteryear are now selling for big $$$$$... the downside is they are not around to enjoy the rewards...I'm bringing mine with me...:tongueout: to all the Vultures waiting at my Graveside :tease:
  5. r3gulator3

    r3gulator3 Well-Known Member

    That's true, and if you are good at a trade or do artizan work. The company you work for works you to death with no reward or perks, tell you that you can't have a raise because of the economy or market ECT. Or you work for yourself and bust butt just break even, because some cut rate shop will do it for half the price. Is it the same quality? No. But you need the business so you take the hit to get em in the door. Man it's just a vicious cycle.

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