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volt gauge light

Discussion in 'Peterbilt' started by gary379, Oct 19, 2011.

  1. gary379

    gary379 New Member

    new to me 2007 379,on the way home noticed volt gauge running normal,14 volts,then on lower right of gauge cluster amp gauge running at 0,then ever so often a discharge and the red light comes on, whats going on, thanks, gary

  2. Duck

    Duck Quack

    Probably some electrical connections under the hood have changed to "Statue of Liberty green". When electrical connections corrode and turn green, it's not good.

    With your engine off, key on, your volts should be below 12.5 or so. After you start the engine, if the alternator is working correctly it'll show around 14 or so. As long as your voltmeter is showing 14 or above, everything is fine and the problem is with instrumentation. The ammeter could be bad but it's more likely corroded wiring. Have you been doing donuts on the salt flats lately?

    I had a similar problem with an 06 Pete 386. The backlight for the ammeter would go out sometimes. I just kinda *****-slapped the dashboard right over the gauge and it would come back on for a while.

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