Violence in Media and Movies.

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    You know....there doesn't have to be such an extreme between two views.

    You can educate your kids about sex without being a complete hedonist, and you can without that information until you feel it an appropriate time, and be successful doing it.
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    Tell that to the public schools...

    Obama Agreed With Mandating Sex Ed Classes for Kindergarten Students

    Obama stated that he worked with Planned Parenthood to advocate a sex education bill during his tenure in the Illinois state legislature.

    Ok so ... Planned Parenthood, in spite of their name, is nothing more than a politically active chain of abortion clinics. They make their money providing abortions. What exactly do you think they hope to accomplish by teaching sex ed to kindergarteners? Do you think they'll be teaching them about birth control or abstinence? Hell no they won't. The earlier these kids get pregnant, the more likely their parents will become customers of their abortion clinics.
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    Everyone should read I am Nujood age 10 and divorced. It will enlighten you to exactly how awful these one room huts with tradition in selling off the girls to marriage at a young age for money so they can survive. The things these poor kids go through is disgusting. Raped and beaten every night at around age 9 by a guy she was forced to marry. These things are a common occurrence in these cultures where they have many children and live in one room huts. It saddens me that they have to endure this.

    Our kids will get the sex talk and the becareful if you do and use protection stuff. But not for a while. As for violence on tv it depends on the age and the type of kid. Some are more sensitive to the violence than others. It needs to be on a case by case basis. I am not saying to run out and have your kids watch the Saw movies, more like Transformers.
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    I recently watched a movie called captivated. It totally sums up a lot of the issues with media.
    None of us child or adult are wired to be exposed to violence and emotional turmoil. Our brain should only go into fight or flight when a bear is chasing us, not in a made up situation. It causes undue stress on our bodies and systems that in turn causes spiritual, mental and physical problems.
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