Vaping like a skinny jeans wearing, man bun sporting, beard having, murse carrying hipster tool.

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    My batteries were not charging plugged into my USB port on my laptop, It has always worked before. I plugged it in using a wall adaptor and it charged quick fast. I am charging the batteries right in the MOD.
    I am wondering if my batteries are on the way out?

    I am wondering what is a good replacement battery being as I am having a hard time locating 3100 at 35A?
    I have the Sigelei 213
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    Charging through USB is not he best way. I recommend removing them from your device, and placing them in an actual charger such as a Nitecore or something.

    Which means you'll need more batteries to swap out while other ones are charging.

    Stick with brand names. Sony, Samsung, etc.

    If the covers get chopped up, you can get new covers, or just new batteries. Do NOT use unsafe, chipped dented batteries. You wouldn't in your car, dont in your mod. Many of the explosions and injuries are from unsafe equipment such as bad batteries. Do NOT store loose batteries in your pocket with change. There's a youtbe of a guy lighting himself on fire doing this.

    Pretty common sense really.

    Also, try to keep your batteries of the same age. Match them up in sets, so one weak one doesnt draw down the others. I actually have this problem right now with one weak one being a pain in the ass. I should buy three new ones, but I'm too cheap.
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    Thank you, I was in a panic thinking my batteries had gone bad.
    I currently have Efest batteries in my Mod.
    I don't know much about all of this so i would take it to a vape shop to find suitable replacement batteries.
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    I'm telling you freaks,a bong is easier and requires no power......
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    Dammit. I wish I could be bonging like a skinny jeans Cheeto orange handed stoner. LOL
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