Update on the daughter and her new toy

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    My daughter, Mary Turcu drives for U.S.Xpress. She had a Pete 387 and picked up a co-driver. They had too many breakdowns and shoddy repair work. They finally gave her a brand new International Star Pro Plus and they love it. It takes some getting used to, though. It decides to shut off after idling a few minutes and has a proximity sensor that brakes if she gets too close to something, but they live with it. It is also manual 10 but that's OK too. She parked her dog, Cookie with us until she cycles back in 3 wks. and that has to be the most destructive hyper dog in Creation. It herds my 3 cats and Lhasa Apso constantly, turns over trash, and got my wife's lower plate and chewed chunks out of it. I am lookin' at $1560 to replace the dentures. Wondered where to spend my stolen tax refund we finally got. She is studying to get her HASMAT so they can get more miles. Janelle , her co-driver already has hers. September Mary will have a year under her belt and hopes to get a dedicated route to be close to Bartlesville OK when her daughter gives birth. She ought to be marketable with an almost perfect record. An A-hole somewhere on a tight twisty back-in swore it was her that damaged their fence and awning, but it's her word against his. Janelle had already
    p-$$ed him off over something. They have lots of fun together. Janelle went into a truck-stop to get a drink and Mary got out of the sack to go to the ladies room. She came out and Janelle and the truck were gone in the middle of New Mexico. Luckily I had Janelle's cell number and she was back in 15 minutes. They just got the new truck a short time ago and already have close to 11,000 on it. You guys amaze me. I hate the 50 mi. trip from Bartlesville to Tulsa. An unloading guy told Janelle she was going to pay him $400 to unload 1/8 of a load or ELSE. She told him the Co. was going to pay him $36 or something and he offered to settle for $200. Mary had the tire thumper and wasp spray (range-25 ft) ready to defend her and he settled for the offered amount.

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