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Turn signal clicking noise

Discussion in 'Automotive Forum' started by four wheels, Jan 14, 2012.

  1. Just wondering why I hear a turn signal clicking clicking noise in rapid sucession even when I am driving down the highway and not using the signal. I have noticed a warning bell will sound also. I have checked both front and back signal lights on the car and they seem to be working fine. Is this just a warning that I will have to soon be sticking my arms out the winder to give a hint of my intentions?
  2. Are you sure you haven't activated your emergency flashers?
  3. Yes, I'm sure. It does it about every few days, on and off. Is this a warning device to notify me of a turn signal light ready to burn out?
  4. No telling. I have never seen it on any other vehicle. Maybe it is a new feature on a new vehicle, I doubt it though. Are you using your seat belt?
  5. Of course! I don't need a fourth safety belt ticket now!
  6. No. I have no idea what it is though.
  7. I think they start doing that when youre running low on fluid.
  8. check the wires going to the flasher for a short. had one do the same thing a short in a wire will make the flasher click .
  9. When the turn signal is activated and the frequency is about twice as fast as normal it is because one of the turn signal bulbs is burned out.

    I am not sure why the flasher would be clicking while you are driving down the road without the signal or the 4-way flashers on, unless like pop says there is a short.
  10. They only blink twice as fast if you have the older kind of flasher that uses the bi-metallic strip and relies on the heat from electrical resistance to break the connection as one side of the strip expands faster than the other, causing the strip to bend and curl away from the contacts.

    I've upgraded both of my old Ford pickups to electronic flashers so they don't blink extra fast when I have the extra load from trailer lights hooked up. I've noticed that in my Ranger, after I turn off the turn signal, I hear an extra couple of clicks even though the dash indicator light isn't flashing.

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