Truckers Traveling Highway 84 between Abilene and Lubbock Texas ~ PLEASE Help!

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    .[​IMG][/h]Please help us find our dog NAULA

    We are truly thankful that our children are alive today. Now we are trying to help them find their dog NAULA who was limping and disappeared when emergency vehicles arrived. Would you kindly keep your eyes open for NAULA in your travels across Highway 84?

    Please if you cannot open the link, cut & paste it and take a look. NAULA is so deeply missed View attachment 15872 Share the link with anyone and everyone you believe may be able to help.

    My daughter Kailee is 20 yrs old and was traveling with her 21 yr old husband, a Navy Vet just returned from deployment on the USS Stennis. They were in a horrific car accident after falling asleep on Hwy 84 at mile marker 378 (near Justiceburg) on Sunday, March 25, 2012. The "kids" walked away miraculously, but their dog NAULA walked a little too far.

    Nancy Lewis (909) 436-8118


    Please help us find our dog NAULA.
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    Good luck finding the dog.

    Sorry it took 11 hours for the post to show up. Our spam filter snagged it as possible spam because of the links and phone number, but when I spotted it I can clearly see it's not spam so I approved it. [​IMG]

    I'm gonna try posting the pics a little larger. Cute doggy, I hope you find her.


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    If you're going to keep searching yourself, try using satellite imagery starting from the crash site, and find the nearest body of water such as a river, creek, pond, etc. For some reason injured animals like to go to water.

    Do you have access to an ATV?

    Here's a screenshot from Google Maps. If it was my dog, I'd head southeast from Justiceburg if you have a way to travel off-road, and check out the shoreline of that lake.

    View attachment 15873
    View attachment 15873
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    Thank you for the help Rubber Ducky. We did stay at the crash site for 3 days searching on foot with many people. We even stayed there overnight in a van with her bed and food placed outside with the kids clothing. There was water in the area and we found paw prints near it, but no Naula. We found another dog (named Dallas) and were able to return him to his owner in Post, TX. The owner said Dallas had been out there for a month so that gave me hope. The Post Dispatch newspaper did a front page article with her picture and we have notified the animal hospitals, vets, animal rescues, knocked on doors and have a lot of community support from Texas. The people there have been wonderful! Sadly we had to return to California as my son-in-law returns to duty today. We are relying on extra eyes out there to help us find Naula.
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    justiceburg, tx - Google Maps

    That's a link to the satellite version of the google map.

    If I was a dog that was wandering around injured and lost, I'd seek two things first. Water, food and shade. If it's been a few days, the shade is where I'd look. Hopefully someone with an ATV or a low, slow flying ultralight aircraft will conduct a search for you.
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    Thank you for the map. We spread the word through the workers who tend the oil wells in the area. They told us they do find stray animals in that area and pick them up. Fingers and toes crossed.
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    I've hooked up with a network of people in Texas. Most promising is a vet tech that checks the shelter for me everyday and her husband has the oil fields right at the crash site so his workers are driving in the area daily with Naula's pictures. I'm still hopeful we'll get Naula home :)
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    Got an email from this member, they found their dog.
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    Nice that they actually followed up.

    Amazing that they actually found Fido.
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