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Trucker Fiction- Did you know there are books and more books about us?

Discussion in 'Truck Driving Stories - Tales From The Road' started by Roddy Driftwood Dryer, Apr 21, 2012.

  1. Roddy Driftwood Dryer

    Roddy Driftwood Dryer Member

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    On the TV and in the movies, there are endless stories about cops, soldiers, and so forth. Books also have plenty of this, as those who enjoy a good book have read such work. But Truckers have plenty of fiction, too! There aren't a billion books with trucking and truckers as the subject and plot, but there are quite a few, and they are taking off.

    I wrote A Trucker's Tale, which is a smashwords ebook, and it seems to be catching on. But I've been writing for a while, so I have people who know it. But when I did some digging, I found numerous novels devoted to the genre of Trucker Fiction.

    So, for those of you who enjoy a good read at the end of a several hundred mile day, do some searching into the world of Trucker Fiction. You'll be surprised by how many good books are out there. And because several of them are ebooks (the wave of the future...sorry, paper) they are little more than a couple bucks.

    Hey, Drivers! We have heroes! We have truckers who saved the world, saved the day, and got the lady! Check them out and be glad you did!
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  3. nightriderlisa

    nightriderlisa Well-Known Member

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    Thanks! I am working on my own little project myself... but will for sure dig into Trucker Fiction more...

    : )

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