Truck Stops, Garbage Cans, Indiana Toll Road and EZ Pass

Discussion in 'Truck Stop Reviews and Discussion' started by BirchBarlow, Sep 19, 2016.

  1. BirchBarlow

    BirchBarlow I hate KW 680s

    Gosh @Duck maybe if those Truckstops would put Trash Cans out people would throw their trash in them instead of just tossing it out the window....
  2. Duck

    Duck Quack Supporter

    Meh,... I still stand by my post.

    Every word of it too, not just the part you quoted.

    People who throw their garbage in the places we're still allowed to park and sleep need to have their head bounced off the pavement.

    Repeat offenders should have them bounced from higher altitude, say, 50 feet?
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  3. BirchBarlow

    BirchBarlow I hate KW 680s

    Well I notice many Truckstops "FAIL" to put Trash Cans out in the parking area...

    Those also happen to be the ones with the most TRASH laying around ....

    Coincidence....I think "NOT".....
  4. Duck

    Duck Quack Supporter

    A lot of truck parking areas are littered with trash.

    A lot of truck drivers are disgusting pigs...

    Coincidence? No.
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  5. Sinister

    Sinister Smartass Emeritus Supporter

    I don't know what truck stops you go to, but PFJ always has tons and tons of garbage cans all over. Against light poles, behind the back row, the fuel island...

    You may have to you know...look for them. They're big and black and have the PFJ logo on them.
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  6. Duck

    Duck Quack Supporter

    And the f*ing slobs still throw their garbage on the ground.
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  7. BirchBarlow

    BirchBarlow I hate KW 680s

    Don't forget the PEE ain't a REAL TruckStop if ya can't smell the Pee baking off the pavement on a hot summer day...
  8. BirchBarlow

    BirchBarlow I hate KW 680s

    AbbyLand Travel Plaza has none....

    Neither did the I-90 Travel Center in Mitchell South Dakota...

    In "BOTH" cases I hadda walk all the way up by the building or fuel island to throw out my trash
  9. Sinister

    Sinister Smartass Emeritus Supporter

    OH the travesty!!!!
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  10. BirchBarlow

    BirchBarlow I hate KW 680s

    I just throw it all in my Side box and when an Irate customer pisses me off I pop it open and make a Sharp u-turn on my way out
  11. Sinister

    Sinister Smartass Emeritus Supporter

    You run the Indiana Toll Road at all?

    Put your pee bottles on top of the ticket machines.

    Give them as much respect as they've given us since it was bought by the foreign conglomerate of whoever in whatever country.

    They're re-paving it, which has gotten better, but the plazas thing this still BS.
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  12. BirchBarlow

    BirchBarlow I hate KW 680s

    I know "right".....just imagine the TRAUMA of actually having to WALK all the way up to the Fuel Island to dispose of my refuse....

    I estimate that Permanent Damage has been done and I'm consulting one of those Attorneys ya find on Late Night TV ads to discuss possible legal avenues
  13. BirchBarlow

    BirchBarlow I hate KW 680s

    I just wish INDIANA would get TRUE Ez Pass lanes like Illinois.......I hate having to slow down to almost a crawl....

    Better yet @Sinister at the Ohio/Indiana border you'd think they could "Consolidate"..

    Like why have to stop at Two toll Booths in like Five miles...

    Just as easy each state could collect their fees and Pass Scan or Ticket for the next
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  14. Sinister

    Sinister Smartass Emeritus Supporter

    When I was in my late 20's I was always trying to quit smoking on trips back from the east coast. I'd deliver in Totowa, NJ at Lisanti Foods (Those triangle shaped Sbarro Pizza boxes) then sleep either right there until I got thrown out, or squeeze iunto the Vince Lombardi. Next morning I'd load scrap paper for Green Bay, and run it straight back without stopping. except for fuel and Mountain Dew. I was eating a lot of Metabolife 356 too, at the time. Lost a lot of weight. Good stuff. Banned.

    Anyway, I would run out of smokes on the way into NJ, then not buy any on the entire trip back.

    I'd be okay most of the trip, but for some reason, that 4 miles between those 2 toll booths was always time for a SUPER nic fit. Buncha times, I didn't make it and had to swing into that Mobil with the lot lizard infested burger king for a pack of smokes.

    Ohio was still 55 at the time, and I used to make regular sport of getting all the way up to my governed 78 too.

    Good times.

    Not really.
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  15. BirchBarlow

    BirchBarlow I hate KW 680s

    Well would ya LOOK at THAT....this place has a TRASH CAN dead ahead AND there were SEVERAL placed around when I walked in the store...

    And GUESS WHAT there @Duck & @Sinister ya don't see alot of TRASH laying around either


    Just goes 2 "SHOW"
  16. Duck

    Duck Quack Supporter

    Goes to show what? That you had only just arrived?
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  17. BirchBarlow

    BirchBarlow I hate KW 680s

    Yeah well maybe I shouldn't even "Arrive" anymore...
  18. BirchBarlow

    BirchBarlow I hate KW 680s

    Gosh my "incoherent" ramblings are their own THREAD Worthy...

    I never realized you guys "cared" so much
  19. BirchBarlow

    BirchBarlow I hate KW 680s

    Honestly bro I don't do that .....

    Okay @Duck I think ya guys just giving me the "Buisness" but still I hope ya don't really think that's what I'm about

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