Tripac APU stalling / fuel pump failure

Discussion in 'Auxiliary Power Units (APU's)' started by mndriver, Aug 9, 2017.

  1. mndriver

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    Had issues last year with the fuel pump failing on my APU. I replaced it with a Mr Gasket 12D from Parts City locally.

    In February this year, it failed again, but this time in Colorado so I replaced it with another one from O'Reilly's.

    And in July it failed again. ????WTH????

    Last week I tried to run the APU for the A/C and it would stall out.

    Tested the system, it had the bad fuel pump again. OK, call the parts guy, ask for a new/different pump. He got me one in. No issues.

    installed new pump.

    engine still stalls out.

    Replaced the fuel filter.

    Still stalls out.


    So I sat down last night with a cigar, cream soda with rum and watched the dog run around the yard while staring at the truck for a couple hours.

    decided I was going to pull out the fuel pickup tube and see if there's a screen or something that's on the end and plugged up.

    This morning I went and looked at the installation manual. Doesn't show a pick up screen, just 2" off the bottom and open tip.

    So instead of taking it all apart and looking, I just pulled the fuel line off the inlet side of the pump and blew air back into the tank for about a minute.

    Put it all back together, started the A/C and.....

    It runs fine now.

    I suspect that a piece of debris or something got into the pickup and it was causing the pumps to work so hard, it burned them out. It was also causing a starvation issue with the engine under heavy load.
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  2. GAnthony

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  3. mndriver

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    There's already an inline filter.
  4. GAnthony

    GAnthony Well-Known Member

    ok, but would an in-tank screen filter like i linked you too, be of any more help by having a round pickup?

    even an old fashion sock filter, jerri-rigged in some way with hose clamps and maybe piece of copper or steel tubing inserted into the hose for support to the clamp.
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  5. mndriver

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    No clue
  6. Mike

    Mike Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Dude, you will do anything to sit at home with the truck, rather than go out and drive it ;)
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  7. CMT

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    Glad your persistence worked. I had problems a few years back with mine..same exact unit & would only experience issues in Colorado. Not sure if it was an elevation thing or what. Never knew what the ultimate diagnosis was since I switched trucks shortly after that.
  8. mndriver

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    I go to Fargo Monday for them fix a 1 gal / 1000 mile leak.

    Yesterday was my annual cardiologist appointment. Friday is my dot physical.

    And most importantly, my youngest is with me this week.
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