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Discussion in 'Owner Operators' started by Zrex, Jun 17, 2017 at 5:48 AM.

  1. Zrex

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    I have an opportunity to contract with Penske to transfer trucks. How much should I bid per mile? Any other information would be appreciated.
  2. GAnthony

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    trucks as in class A tractors and maybe class B on flatbed to the location?

    trailers to locations? (gotta watch for loaded trailers that need to be dropped off at customers, you may get hit with damage freight claims)

    can you give more details in exactly what the work entails?

    i worked for Ryder and Penske as a driver collecting vehicles and equipment. but that was local stuff, you may be bidding on a contract for recovery as well, it might be included in the contract.

    they had drivers that would take a bus, or get dropped off at a Ryder or Penske location, then from there, taken to the equipment to collect.

    i can't seem to remember o/o's doing this, which is why i am thinking OTR operations
  3. Zrex

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    Class A tractors and Class B box trucks. Just straight transfers from Penske locations to Penske locations, some local but mostly OTR. I will have to supply my transportation back to my home location.
  4. GAnthony

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    yeah ok, when i was with both, i was offered that job, but turned it down. as i did not want OTR. local was no problem, it was to the garage or to the customer, then back. my personal vehicle was at the starting location.

    i'm thinking whatever you want as say per mile, like if they pay you 45¢ per mile with a truck, then you should get same (or more) for the return trip home, greyhound may be the cheapest, but then too, you may not get home for several days! you may have to stop off at a motel, unless you got strong legs, back, and kidneys to go by dog back home.

    i turned it down, as i saw it more of an inconvenience job that a REAL JOB of driving OTR would be.

    gotta be carefull too, as i am not recalling if this is a 1099 job with them or not, cuz i am not recalling if they "farmed that out" to a temp agency, as you will,not be working everyday.
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  5. rigjockey

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    I was offered that job in a round about way from one of the fleet managers giving me a ride from one Penske location to another.
    I am not real big on riding in airplanes. i am not afraid to fly, I just think it is a yuge pain in the ass and I find breathing in others recirculated air disgusting:D
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