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  1. I have been researching the leaseing programs in the industry and thought I would check out Trans Am's self proclaimed best in the industry. New people in trucking first off let me say if you are away from home for more than a week at a time OTR you are worth more than 4 to 5 hundred dollars a week. Trans Am a lease program is more than the truck payment. Long and short of it guys. For a 2500 mile week at Trans Am with all that you will be paying out you will earn 4 to 5 hundred dollars. Yes you are reading that right .20 cents a mile profit. That when you are recieving their fuel rebate everything. But hey look at the big picture Your putting someone elses kids in college. Well one positive note they give you direct tv in the truck because you cant afford to go home.
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    pretty much, they are all like this. best bet, buy your own truck, then lease on or get your own authority.

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