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Discussion in 'TMC Transportation Systems' started by yorkster, Dec 9, 2007.

  1. Can anyone give me advice on TMC trucking? TMC seems to have great eqipment, along with pay and benefits. I haven't heard any complaints on this company, but I really don't know anyone who drives for them either. I'm new to the trucking idustry, and advice on which company to go with would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. they will work you like any other company. at one time, i do know that they used to supply the driver with polish, and the driver was REQUIRED to not only wash the truck, but to polish it as well.

    any company that would require me to do this can kiss my @ss.........
  3. nothing but good things have i heard. knew a guy that worked there and he made some real good money. and they have nice trucks to.
  4. Any new info on TMC? 2009?
  5. Slow freight like everyone else. They closed a training center, making cuts in drivers for very petty offenses in order to streamline, and as of now you have about a 50% chance of making it through orientation with a job. Also narrowed hiring areas in the last couple months.

    After that it could be good. Good equipment and fairly easy raises with proven competency.
  6. I use to be good friends with a tmc driver.He liked the company but there are strings attached.You have to keep your trk clean inside and out.When you get to a terminal they do inspect it and if say the guages are dirty,they'll take $25.00 out of your check for each guage.You have to deliver I think 4 loads a week.But that was a year ago when he told me that.But think about it have any of you ever seen a dirty TMC trk?Some look like they came right off the showroom floor.But overall he liked TMC.
  7. Yeah, It's the making it through orientation thing that's worrying. I don't know why I could fail out but I've heard some horror stories, like somebody walked on the grass and got sent away??

    How hard is the physical?
  8. The walking on the grass story has achieved epic legend status. I have no idea if it is true or not, only that it is constantly repeated.
  9. Whatever I guess? I know how to stand at attention and listen so I guess I should be OK
  10. Right now I'm in Knoxville at the Petro, parked in the IdleAire, no idle zone, and there is a TMC parked next to me - idling.

    So, they have at least one total douchebag working for them.

    That much I know.
  11. Ok have to make a comment I understand that you have to have a clean truck with TMC and its supposed to be spotless inside and out everyone says they're a professional driver why not take it to the next level and keep your truck clean too Your wives or significant others clean your house is a truck not your house too I cant stand having a dirty vehicle wait sorry EMS days are coming back just food for thought I also heard though they get paid extra and are required to keep their trucks clean
  12. Not to be a grammar nazi or anything, but you short out my brain just then.
  13. Now we all know..............
  14. heh. Scroll up to last night in the chat box. Real class act this guy was.
  15. lol..........

  16. I got to see just a snippet of your chat box with the TMC driver...LOL

    Lot lizards, man that's just a gag full of diseases waiting to happen. No thanks.
  17. I hate to derail the thread totally, but I really don't see how people can think paying a ....never mind.
  18. I don't know what they do if you walk on the grass, but when I signed on as an O/O 8 years ago, they did tell everyone to stay off the grass.

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