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Discussion in 'Truck Stop Reviews and Discussion' started by BirchBarlow, Jul 28, 2016.

  1. BirchBarlow

    BirchBarlow I hate KW 680s

  2. rigjockey

    rigjockey Token Canadian.

    No, Wait now. In fairness, The thread title was "any truckstops in/near Corpus Christi TX" If you wanted a truckstop that was good your thread title should have been "any good truckstops in/near Corpus Christi TX":D
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  3. BirchBarlow

    BirchBarlow I hate KW 680s

    I said "GOOD" even "Near" hence some Distance...

    Don't try 2 Bullshit me there @rigjockey ...
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  4. rigjockey

    rigjockey Token Canadian.

  5. BirchBarlow

    BirchBarlow I hate KW 680s

    Well atleast this last run 2 Corpus Christi wasn't a HOLIDAY WEEKEND delivering Tuesday...I did the SMART THING and sat at TA Ganado the Last Time....about 73 miles OUT

    Anyhow I parked there for the night....

    In the morning woke up Ordered Coffee and used there Can...

    Normally I would've had breakfast too

    athough after being INSIDE the place I got the feeling that a bad case of the RUNS was waiting to Happen down the Road and I was low on Shopping Bags

    Very "Unsanitary" inside and Out
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