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    Swift Transportation is currently the largest truckload carrier in the United States, offering various driving opportunites including solo and team OTR position, regional, dedicated, and local driving opportunities. Swift Transportation has been recently named carrier of the year for companies such as Wal Mart, Quaker Oats, Rite Aid, Dollar Tree, Target, Fed Ex, Lowe's, and Ryder Logistics.

    Whether you are an experience driver, or looking to begin your career in the trucking industry, Swift Transportation has opportunities for you.

    For more information about Swift Transportation, visit their website at Swift Transportation Co.,Inc-America's Leading Trucking Company

    Do you work for this company, or have you worked for it in the past? Give a review here. If you have questions, post them here as well for drivers who are familiar with the company to answer if possible.
  2. OTRboy

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    Wow, no swift bashing here yet.

    Let me just give my quick review of this company. Only complaints are that the trucks go too slow, and if you drive a SWIFT truck, most assume you don't have a clue about what you are doing.

    I don't drive for them anymore, but I did drive there for about 3 years after running as fast as I could from JB Hunt. I got decent miles, the equipment was in great shape, and I made decent money for a newbie.

    If it wasn't for the speed of the trucks, I would probably have stayed there. I do have to admit though, this company is filled with drivers that don't have a clue about what they are doing. For me though, didn't really have any problems.
  3. gearswitcher

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    if you go with swift dont fool with the greer,sc terminal...there so rude and unorganised..the recruiter don tucker will not call you back,i finally called someone out of phonix to get in orientation ...then when i got there what a cluster it was...good luck
  4. veenstra

    veenstra Tennessee Trucker

    I heard the most dangerous place in the whole trucking world is in the middle of a Swift Parking Lot...."LOOK OUT"
  5. joedaddy

    joedaddy Member

    I recently went to an orientation with this company. if I drive with them I'll post more reviews. As of late my recruiter dropped the ball, it seems any employee who has never driven can be the most useless tool. I told them up front about everything and the pencil pushers couldn't get my information correct to save my life. The experienced drivers are awesome, the most informative I've seen outside a truck stop. Miles, six years ago were decent along with maintenence on the trucks. The permits depatment will react to your needs with a quickness, and your driver manager will bring you into his office to audit your permits on the truck periodically. Overall it's a good beginner company. And on that note you will have stories of new drivers and their stupidity, my only accident was from a heavy hauler in the Troutdale terminal- only damage was to my rear view mirror, had to adust the damn thing again. The trucks really only do 62, 64 at best when the cruise control is off. Overall you can now get more in your daily average of driving.
  6. truckerstrike08

    truckerstrike08 Navigational Assistant

    I have a good one on Swifty but I'll keep it to myself LOL
  7. rdonovan1

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    I am just wondering as to what people know about Swift. I used to drive for them and I have had a lot of problems with them and I am just wondering as to what other people experiences with them are.
  8. keith35

    keith35 Member

    I worked for Swift out of Oklahoma City, started with the Dollar Tree account but after Christmas was forced out to the Southwest Division. After being left with flat tires, Volvo Truck problems(headlights) and a Driver Manager that could not count how many hours I had left, he finally pushed me over the edge. He loved to give me loads that delivered the following day that would take 15 to 20 hours to get the load and get there and I would only have 4 to 6 hours left. Same bullsh** everytime, I didn't know that. I won't drive for them again.
  9. winderya

    winderya New Member

    any thought on swift "Comfort Zones"-good or bad?
  10. Super-6

    Super-6 New Member

    Has anyone drove for swift in Virginia, curious about what to expect. My orientation is in Richmond and starts 29 july. I already have my Class A, just need otr experience.
  11. MAJIK Lady

    MAJIK Lady Member

    I will be starting at Swift July 28th at the Millington academy. I had to get my CDL permit first
  12. N8IWS

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    It's a good idea, don't count on staying in it. I wasn't supposed to go to New York, my last load assignment was to New York. Idiot D/M wouldn't take it off of me while I was in the New Boston yard sleeping finally after a screwed up Home Depot run. Asked 3 times to pull it off of me, out of my "zone" and was ignored. Went inside and he wasn't around. I called home had my wife come to the terminal. Loaded up everything and went home after 3 weeks out, no home time. Lots of down time in Minnesota and Laradeo, with other drivers from New Boston terminal. I don't miss this company at all, just the few friends I made there.
  13. N8IWS

    N8IWS Member

    RUN AWAY, as fast as you can !!
  14. krs1961

    krs1961 New Member

    Been with them almost 3 months and i'm ready to get the hell out. I can't think of another company so full of knotheads as Swift
  15. ridermark

    ridermark home town driver

    I drove for swift, and was left with a very nasty taste in my mouth. I drove dedicated to Canada, but often times got stuck there. Too much layover time. Not enough drive time. If it wasn't laid over in Canada, it was in Laredo. I didn't quit them. They let me go after merging with 2 other companies. Kept the older ones and let the ones with less seniority go. By the way I pulled a step deck mostly carrien bus chassies
  16. louboricua

    louboricua New Member

    I have had my CDL since 03, but not a lot of OTR exp. who should I start with? Swift? England? or maybe some other company? Im in No. California
  17. The New Yorker

    The New Yorker Is a way of life

    neither. what about a small company near you? Most of these large fleet companies pull the same crap.
  18. RickG

    RickG Well-Known Member

    Now we see how Swift trains

  19. The New Yorker

    The New Yorker Is a way of life

    WOW! How many ways can I tear apart this trainer. I don't have the time now.
    But I will say this, thank GWAD I don't have to put my trailer near any OTR guys. Granted I dodge 100k cars, but....c'mon 6 minutes to park it? I know it's a rookie and I never forgot those days. He may have done a little better if he fallowed the fleet motto.... G.O.A.L rule.
  20. Beechvtail

    Beechvtail Well-Known Member

    Run, run as fast as you can...

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