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Discussion in 'General Trucking Discussion' started by big_rig_$lim, Sep 7, 2011.

  1. big_rig_$lim

    big_rig_$lim Active Member

    Well my sad, I can't seem to start a trucking career, blues is over. Now I have a new dilemma. I've been accepted by Swift and CRST. Now sure I could go to the sites and determine the differences, but I'd rather have someone who have actually experienced these companies. All inputs are greatly appreciated.
  2. kickin chicken

    kickin chicken Batteries Not Included

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  3. cajuntrucker59

    cajuntrucker59 Well Known Smart Azz

    Check out Sean Mcquaids thread about swift! :rant:
  4. big_rig_$lim

    big_rig_$lim Active Member

    Ok will do thanks guys.
  5. rigjockey

    rigjockey Token Canadian.

    Now thats entertainment!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. jamesc

    jamesc Well-Known Member

    i beleive that is a no win situtation there getting bent over either direction
  7. Racer X 69

    Racer X 69 Member

    Gotta start somewhere!
  8. boone315

    boone315 SPACE TRUCKING

    Out of Chicago, both should get you home CRST flatbed should get you home every week(gary, hammond, portage, east chicago)
  9. boone315

    boone315 SPACE TRUCKING

    Just keep in mind, unless you have no life or are a glutton for misery, both will be short term jobs, keep your nose clean for 6 months or a year you will have a lot more and better job offers.
  10. drifter

    drifter Well-Known Member

    Who did you go with ? Id take Swift.
  11. krelithous

    krelithous Prius hater Supporter

    where has he been lol
  12. Butterball

    Butterball Member

    Flip a coin?
  13. krelithous

    krelithous Prius hater Supporter

    he's a swifty?? hmmm
  14. Road Dust

    Road Dust Takes a little sunshine

    Do you want to drive team or solo?
  15. big_rig_$lim

    big_rig_$lim Active Member

    After learning tht crst was primarily team drivers, i decided to side with Swift. Almost done with training which is a bit more than I expected but I'm still adjusting. I don't like my trainer too tuff but I'm putting up with it until Im done which will not be much longer. Other than tht things are coming along. See you all out there on the roads.
  16. IOUGOD2

    IOUGOD2 Well-Known Member

    My son Hotwheels, has been with Swift for almost a year now and is a mentor. He loves it and they have always treated him right and fairly. He gets regular raises, just got a brand new 2012 Cascadia, and gets home about every 3 weeks. You're going to hear all sorts of stories about all the trucking companies, and especially alot of negative things about Swift, but you need to talk to someone who is still with Swift. A driver who isn't afraid to run hard and long, (500-600 miles a day) be on time always, not wanting to go home every week, or cry and complain about everything. They are the ones that make it.
    It's a lot harder out there on the road then you think and things happen everyday to make you wonder why you wanted to be a trucker, but it's your attitude and how you handle those delays, breakdowns, traffic, and demands of your DM that determines your career and where it takes you.
    Some seem to be just cut out to be a driver, others find out early they aren't, but stay in anyway and drive like a crazy idiot, get tickets, cause accidents, complain to everyone who will listem, and blame it all on someone else. You'll find a lot of then on here too.
    Good luck to you! Be safe and keep a good attitude. If you can't do that then get out of it.
  17. cajuntrucker59

    cajuntrucker59 Well Known Smart Azz

    Hotwheels has been driving a whole year and is a mentor huh? Sounds like the blind leading the blind to me!
  18. knucklehead

    knucklehead King of the Road

    Good luck w/Swift Big rig slim. After you get experience, you'll get a better job. Just keep your license clean!
    Good luck

    ABF_FREIGHTHAULER Well-Known Member

    Yeah how dare a person want to be home once a week (spoken with sarcasm). It's funny to me that even when somebody is praising a company like Swift it still seems like a crappy place to work. The guy is driving 600mi a day which means he's out of hours every week but only gets home every three weeks. So two out of every three weeks Swift wants him to sit in a parking lot for at least 34hrs and baby sit their equipment without out pay. Even worse than that It's costing the driver money to sit there cause they have to eat.

    Maybe I'm just picking on Swift here but that just doesn't sound right to me. It's probably an industry wide issue but it seems to be just the big starter fleets that expect things like that out of their drivers.
  20. IOUGOD2

    IOUGOD2 Well-Known Member

    It's Hotwheels choice to stay out 3 weeks and could get home more often if he asked. He is single and has no bills. He has also been very hard working all his life and use to long hours. He is saving up to pay cash for a home in the mountains and tells me, that after some of the jobs he has had, to him it's like being on a paid vacation to see all the beautiful places in this country he would not be able to see. Plus he needs those 34 hour re sets to give him time off to do laundry, shopping etc.
    Like I said, "there are many on here that will moan and complain about anything and anyone who has anything good and positive to say about a company. They would rather post on here that a driver who has driven over 150,000 miles without a ticket or warning, picked up and delivered every load on time, driven in everything from snow and ice blizzards through the mountains, to dust storms, forest fire smoke and fog, flood waters and traffic jams and made it through all the driving hazards out there caused by other truckers and four wheelers..... is blind and should not be teaching anyone else their good driving habits.

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