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Discussion in 'Swift Transportation' started by Injun, Apr 22, 2015.

  1. Injun

    Injun Rabid Squaw Staff Member Supporter

    There's that little issue of the indoor plumbing and then those XX chromosomes to consider.
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  2. Osito

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    IDK....think we forgot about this person......hum......let's see what we find....[​IMG]

    think that just about sums it up.......lmao......
  3. Geranimojess

    Geranimojess Well-Known Member

    No Cameras have been installed in any Trucks here either... Double Decker/Single Decker Public Bus'es all have Cameras directed at the Passengers called CCTV's Notices explain that they are for Passenger Protection only...they have been used in Court evidence successfully where cases were taken against Troublesome Passengers...
    Some of the Coaches I've driven have also had Cameras installed but none aimed at the Driver...some are positioned at the rear of the Coach to give a view of the Aisle and include the rear of the Driver...added protection to Him/Her in the event of a confrontation...I had only one incident of a School Kid who threw an empty Plastic Mineral Bottle which bounced off the Windscreen,pulling into the Hard Shoulder I advised the Culprit to own up...no response,so I threatened to arrive at the School next Morning with the CCTV Tape and confront Him in front of the Class...immediate success... His punishment was to remain behind after the Coach emptied and to pick up every piece of Paper left behind by His Mates...otherwise I was reporting Him to the Head Master...His Teacher smiled and offered me a Job at the School...
    In certain circumstances they are an Important Accessory and can be of immense help to the Company/Driver but as a Spy Camera on the Driver,that's a totally different matter...
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  4. Flemming Andersen

    Flemming Andersen Well-Known Member

    Hahaha.. That served him right ;) I'm not 100% sure but it occurs to me, that I've seen footage from the city busses here in Denmark, where assaults was made, where you can see the driver from an angle, about 45 degrees from behind...?
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  5. Bored Insane

    Bored Insane Well-Known Member

    I didn't read all 6 pages of this, but I heard from another Swift drivers that apparently, one of the Swift driver is suing Swift for taking video of his wife changing in the sleeper, and the curtain was open. It's only 'on' during critical event (supposedly) but he said it can go on at anytime (and he has it in his truck). He said to avoid the camera like a plague. But on the other hand, my mentor's friend has it in his truck and he has no issues with it.

    I wouldn't want it in my truck, if they force it on me, then I'm gone. Or I'll put a opaque tape over it. If they won't allow that, then I'm gone. o_O
  6. Duck

    Duck Quack Supporter

    Don't put tape over it. They might argue that the adhesive residue (or a mechanic's idiotic attempt at removing it with sandpaper...) damaged it.

    Instead simply take a little scrap of cardboard & hold it on with a rubber band.

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