Swift Getting Way Too Gadget-Reliant

Discussion in 'Swift Transportation' started by Injun, Jul 14, 2015.

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    If the roll sensor goes off, you're far enough into it that the truck is in immanent danger of rolling. In fact you'd be far beyond the point an experienced driver would have entered the turn.

    Weeding out? You set one of those things off just once at Prime, and you can plan continuing your driving career at Swift.

    No inward pointing cameras in company trucks though!
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    Back when VW decided to experiment with super singles they were wary about traction (and were correct) so they threw in the Bendix systems.

    They were primitive at the time, and mine was even worse because some sensor had fallen off & was swinging by the wires.

    I set it off like 5 times one day when I was running that 55 mph section of the WV Turnpike between Beckley & Charleston with an empty trailer.

    I had no cell signal in that area (nobody does) so the Qualcomm didnt send the "critical events" to safety until I was closer to Charleston. Then he got them all at once and freaked out.

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    This comes to mind......

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