So you're thinking of working for JB Hunt? Please read.

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    First off, I am a driver. This post is being made because most/all of you have heard far more bad than good about JB Hunt, and I want to tell you some things that will change your opinions for the better. Read on, please.

    Yeah, I know, "big company with sloooow trucks". It's the same thing I thought. I was FedEx Ground linehaul before coming here. Loved my job. But after I transferred from South Dakota to Memphis, the contractor I started working for down here turned out to be a total pain in the *ss. So I looked to jump ship. I saw an ad on Craigslist about a locally-based regional dedicated job that paid well ($900/wk earnings + full benefits and home on weekends). I called on it, found out it was JBH, and groaned.

    Then I thought, "you know what, it beats my current situation. Let's see how this goes".

    My recruiter (Ron A.) was very upfront about everything. Great guy. He got me rolling with the background stuff and then I just waited for them to check everything out and approve me for orientation. Took about a week, and then I was scheduled.

    Did my orientation in Atlanta. I will say that Lee Davis (my orientation guy) knows his sh*t. I struggled with some of the policies he explain (me being an ex-Super Trucker and all), and he basically told me, "It's simple. Either accept that this is how you are going to do things (safely, safely, and more safely), or don't let the door hit you on the way out."

    I relented, and thus began the change to my attitude and driving behavior. And yeah, that's a good thing.

    Fast forward to working for my account. I wont go into much detail, because there's no need. The short of it is that I love my job. I love my Fleet Managers. I love the atmosphere. I make a tad more than they advertised because I run hard and try to take resets away from the yard. But it's very easy to make what they predicted. They are so easy to work with.

    My only real complaint is the organization of the Memphis terminal, which is tiny and jam-packed. But we try to avoid terminals anyway.

    If you are not a super trucker, and want stability and benefits and good pay, look into DCS or Intermodal divisions. Does 62mph really matter when you are making $50k a year? Not to me.

    If you are a total d-bag, move on to someone else, because you wont last here.
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  2. midwestbound

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    Jb recruiters don't hound ppl like they used to. It was almost a curse if they got ahold of your phone #
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    TRUCK3R M1KE Nomad

    Just about every topic in here that was created prior to mid-2010 isnt goong to be an accurate reflectionnof whay JBH is now. As much as I can gather, the attitudes at JBH have changed a lot over the past year or two.

    I don't deal with General Dispatch, and I can see where there may be some after-hours issues for the Regional/OTR guys, but still. Plan your trips, communicate your availability constantly, and your dayside dispatcher will handle the rest.

    In DCS, we do the same crap every load for the same customer. Almost always preloaded, almost always preplanned, and your FM's (at least in my case) are usually available 24/7 if you need them because at DCS, Athens regular office people can't and wont help you. Everything goes through your account FM's. My FM's are absolutely awesome guys. I've never had an issue with anything when they are involved. We only have 12 drivers on my account fleet, so it's really like working for a very small company with all the benefits of a big one.

    Last monday, I slipped a dock worker $20 cash to stay an hour late off the clock so i could unload and be 3.5 hours ahead for the next day and empty out vs. sitting over the 4th with 1 stop left. FM could see the wisdom in doing so, and the reimbursement will be on this check. My money is always right, always on time, etc.
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  4. midwestbound

    midwestbound Night Owl Supporter

    I notice all their trucks now seem to be pretty much brand spankin new! Seems they did a major overhaul with the company.

    TRUCK3R M1KE Nomad

    I have a '12 ProStar (bare bones). Got it with 56k last november. Now at 137k. No issues. Only time it's been in the shop is for B Service. Intermodal (local) runs daycabs. Regional/OTR runs Cascadia's, for the most part. Some older Century's that are being traded soon.
  6. midwestbound

    midwestbound Night Owl Supporter

    So how was your pay with fedex linehaul inquiring minds like to know??????? Well, just mainly me
  7. midwestbound

    midwestbound Night Owl Supporter

    Ok do they run elogs? What are your average miles per week? Do you need a twic card or port pass? Where all do you run?

    TRUCK3R M1KE Nomad

    I can tell you about MY account/ppsition only.

    I'm Regional DCS out of Memphis area. We run MS, LA, AL, some GA, TN, KY, lower IN, lower IL, AR, MO, KS, east OK & east TX.

    I run (higher than most because I stay out) 2500-3000 miles/week (current fleet record is 3200+ miles for the week, on 3 loads covering 26 or so stops. Set by me, and it ran me out of hours 90 miles from home [fine by me]).

    Fleet average is 110k miles and $50k/year. I'm set to hit 135k+ miles and closer to $60k because I prefer to reset on the road.

    Typically 2 or 3 day runs with 8-12 stops. Sometimes a single-day run for Friday, or a drop/hook 500-mile run to Nashville or something. If we are slow (like now), I may do a drop/hook Intermodal load to round out the week.

    Driver Unload (tailgate only = push it to the back) at furniture stores. Good workout.

    Our trucks will eventually all have E-Logs and Bendix Wingman, but only 2 trucks in my fleet have it.

    No TWIC or Passport, but that's because I don't need it. Can't speak for other accounts or for Intermodal. That info would come from the FM of specific accounts if they require it.

    TRUCK3R M1KE Nomad

    How's everyone's paycheck looking? Today's pay (pay period 7/1-7/7). Grossed $1400+ ($150 of it was holiday pay for 4th). And this is with 36 hours or more at home every weekend.

    Still think you can't make money at a big company that runs 62mph? Can I remind you again that run i multiple regional loads a week (no long hauls) and have to move the freight to the back @ 8-12 stops per load?

    I love my job.
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  10. Duck

    Duck Quack Supporter

    49 cpm. That's good, especially for a mega-fleet.
  11. Mike

    Mike Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Really good, just a penny below me.

    Yet there are drivers out here with more experience than this guy running for far less per mile. And owner operators earning less revenue by the time all factors are figured in.
  12. Mike

    Mike Well-Known Member Staff Member

    I'm actually being hounded a little via email about a dedicated run for jb that is just a few miles from my house.

    Had I not received a nice raise this year, probably would have already jumped on it
  13. Injun

    Injun Rabid Squaw Staff Member Supporter

    If JB is set up similar to Swift and he's making multiple stops on a load, he will be getting extra pay for those stops, plus pay for driver unload. A fair portion of his check will be from these activities.

    That's how it works at this (Swift) dedicated account, too.
  14. TRUCK3R M1KE

    TRUCK3R M1KE Nomad

    I'm at .38 + $10 a stop. Rarely am I at a stop for more than 15 minutes. Stop pay for the week (for me) ranges $150-300. All depends on who has ordered what, and what area i'm headed to. I like to work, tho. So even if it's 2 stops w/ 50 pieces each....don't care. If I have time to take a break, I have time to work. <shrug>

    This check was mostly miles and not a lot of stops.
  15. Mike

    Mike Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Still around here? How is the job going?

    Getting emails about a dedicated job again, really close to my house.
  16. TigerDK44

    TigerDK44 Member

    JBH wants how much experience now?
  17. Sinister

    Sinister Smartass Emeritus Supporter

    Why'd you have to shell out almost a hundred bucks running in those areas, and is that typical?
  18. TRUCK3R M1KE

    TRUCK3R M1KE Nomad

    Sorry, been away from this site for a while. I'm currently running for a different account (Family Dollar) out of Odessa, TX. Bigger account, single load per week, still making good money.

    Depends on the position. Some are 6+ months (Class B Whirlpool), most are 12-24 months.

    I think that was for when my elec. pigtail failed. It was one of those "gotta get it now" type things. Got the $ the next week. No, it's not typical. Other than that, just the periodic CAT Scale.
  19. Charley

    Charley New Member

    what do you think about owner operators
  20. R Perry

    R Perry Member

    I like this post, somebody that loves the company they are working for. I've been trying to get back into trucking but finding out I'm too old, I don't feel old, until I look in the mirror. I like the 62 mph limit and focus on safety, just think, no expensive tickets, less stress, and live longer, sounds good to me.

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