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Discussion in 'Movies and Television' started by Sinister, Dec 4, 2009.

  1. Sinister

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    Sherloc Holmes: A Game of Shadows

    So, they made Sherlock Holmes more of a swashbuckling, Indiana Jones type rather than the brainiac detective he used to be when Basil Rathbone played him back in the 1930's. Also, he has more flaws other than just playing a violin really badly. Somehow, I still end up liking these movies. This one runs a bit long, at just under 2 hours, but it's worth the watch.
  2. midwestbound

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    So what have you watched lately? How am I supposed to know what to watch when you are slacking on the job of movie reviews?
  3. Sinister

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    I watched a ton, but posted little. I actually feel a little guilty!
  4. midwestbound

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    Well I just finished watching the sherlock holmes flick and I thought it was pretty good. the underground fighting scenes doesn't seem to fit the oldtime charactor as well.
  5. Sinister

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    Fright Night (2011)

    It's a remake of the original from 1985, but different at the same time. More of a retelling of the story rather than an actual copy. It's sort of like what Rob Zombie did with the Halloween movies. Not really a remake, just the same story with a little different spin.

    I liked the original, and I like this one too. It misses the mark of the comedy element a little bit, but is otherwise a good effort, and probably a little more plausible too. Do you remember how Ann Rice's vampires (in the books anyway) liked New Orleans for it's transient population, lively night life, and constant flow of activity? This movie uses that, except the vampire neighbor story takes place in one of those monopoly board looking subdivisions just outside Las Vegas.

    LAS VEGAS! What a GREAT place for a vampire to live! Talk about nightlife!

    Chris Sarandon (the vampire from the original) has a cameo.

    IMDB just told me Lisa Loeb (of 90's crappy music fame) is also in it. I wouldn't have recognized her anyway had I known she was in it.

    Collin Farrell plays Jerry, the vampire, and does a great job being creepy. I think another great choice might have been Harry Connick Jr. He's a great sicko when he acts like one.

    Don't worry about the plot holes, or nitpick the movie. Check your brain and enjoy.
  6. Sinister

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    The Dead (2010)

    Second worst zombie movie I've ever seen. Boring, badly acted, badly scripted, almost ZERO decent action, and an ending that leaves a LOT to be desired. It's made by some guys called the Ford Brothers. I don't know who they are, but they make crappy movies.

    In one scene, a zombie is approaching the protagonist, but has a compound fracture in his leg, so he's walking very slowly. Shoot him? No. Run away in fear? No. Immolated with flamethrower? No.

    He simply steps around the zombie as if they're passing through a doorway at the same time. Really. Doesn't even buttstroke him with the AK or anything.

    It's awful.

    Oh, and as with all zombie movies, there's usually a message about something. Humanity's willingness to destroy itself, greed, whatever. I'm sure there was a message here too, but it was lost in my yawns.
  7. Sinister

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    I Am Number Four

    It's sort of a teeny-bopper high school wannabe thriller type movie where the main character is an alien, but is in human form, and we never see his alien form. All we see is the Iron Man flashlight things he has in his hands, and later on his alien ability to jump and run really fast. Hooray.

    We see the villains that are chasing him, and they look....wait for tattooed humans!

    Is the entire sci-fi world losing it's imagination?

    Cute lead guy, cute lead girl, open ending for a sequel...blaa blaa.

    IMDB says the studio tried to market it as a "Twilight for Guys".

    I think most hetero guys could care less.
  8. Sinister

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    You thought it was good because I thought it was good!

    That's how this thread works!
  9. midwestbound

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    Trust me if it had been crappy I would have let you know!
  10. Sinister

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    One of the great things about this internet is the free and open spread of information. One of the worst things about the internet is the free and open spread of information.

    This woman takes 11 minutes out of a 13 minute video to get to her point about covering your ass in trucking. Until then she talks about suck important things as seeing people take a dump in the street and prepaid cell phones.

    I looked at the description, and it says things like "I Beat the Odds of the Trucking Industry". And the title of this video is "Truck Driver Training is Set Up For Failure." it's not. It's set up to run as many assholes through the school as possible.

    This video is awful.
  11. Mr. Q

    Mr. Q Silent Observer

    I'll have to give you props, Sinister, for actually sitting through the entire video. I only gave it a couple minutes before losing interest in it.

    "Blah blah blah, and blah blah blah, and blah blah blah...."
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    The Donner Party
    The Donner Party (2009) - IMDb

    Crispin Glover is a pretty freakin' good actor, and he plays the lead in this movie well. He did a great George McFly, and a good creepy chain-smoking villian guy in that one Charlies Angels movie that doesn't matter because those flicks are all eye candy anyway. The "hitter" guy from the show Leverage is also in this, as is "Bobby" from Sons of Anarchy. They all do a good job acting out their respective parts.

    The main problem with this movie is the plot. It's just boring as can be. For such a tragic story, the makers of this movie really could have done a lot better.

    Watch it if you need something to fall asleep on. I did that twice.

    The Devil Inside
    The Devil Inside (2012) - IMDb

    Theres been a few movies shot in the "mockumentary" method since Blair Witch pioneered the style, and most have done a better job. This one is no exception. I don't care if Blair Witch is the highest grossing movie compared to production cost ever, I found it annoying and tedious to watch. Reading the reviews here and there, this is not a very well liked movie, because it doesn't hold a candle to The Exorcist. Well, just as not every sci-fi has to be freakin' Star Wars, not every tale of demonic possession has to try to trump the original and still the best. But some still do a good job, and I liked this movie a bunch.

    The plot is engrossing from the opening scene, and just gets better as it goes, right until the end. There's a couple of cringe-worthy scenes and a couple of spook! jumpy! grab your girlfriends boob and act like it was a mistake! moments. Not really much in the way of special effects, which I also liked since so many movies rely so heavily on them, and not a lot of the really annoying "Shaky Cam" style used in these types of movies.

    Again this is not a real documentary. But it is a good movie.
  13. midwestbound

    midwestbound Night Owl Supporter

    I am telling your wife that you grabbed your girlfriend's boob!

    Ok going to find the devil inside......
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  14. Sinister

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    Contagion (2011) - IMDb

    I expected a lot more from this movie. All the advertising makes it look like a interesting thriller about something that really kicks the worlds population right in the nuts. It had some good actors and big names, and I'm sure was pretty expensive to make. I think the PG-13 rating probably is mostly responsible for this movie being so castrated, and boring. The reason I think that is because Dustin Hoffman did a similar movie (based on a Robin Cook novel) called Outbreak and it was much better but carried an R rating.

    The story is boring and convoluted, and dialogue is delivered at a near whisper most of the time, and for such a dangerous, and devastating occurence such as an uncontrolled, and uncontrollable virus outbreak this movie lacked any feel of urgency or excitment or frantic desperation.

    The one positive is that it did do a good job of showing exactly how quickly people would turn into animals.
  15. LittleAngel1198

    LittleAngel1198 I only look innocent

    The Boobdock Saints & Boondock Saints All Saints Day

    If you've seen them, you know why they get green, if not, rent them lol. I will say the first one is the better of the two.
  16. midwestbound

    midwestbound Night Owl Supporter

    They are awesome movies. I rented the first one on a whim years ago. I look forward to the third movie if they ever make one.......
  17. midwestbound

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    I watched the movie "Teeth" yesterday. It was a low budget film and I don't reccommend it at all. It is on the verge of a horror movie. I definately do not think any man would want to watch this flick.
  18. Sinister

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    I know what that movie is about, and that's why I've never watched it.

    JEEZ I get chills just thinking about it...

    I got Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies...but I'm going to have to be really bored and quite far from sober to watch that one. I'm sure it's up there with Nazis at the Center of The Earth, which I watched, but didn't write about along with Nude Nuns With Big Guns...
  19. LittleAngel1198

    LittleAngel1198 I only look innocent

    Hey Midwest, I met the guys from Boondock Saints in October, they are hysterical.

    Sean told us about the cat scene. He said they were using this cannon to fire spaghetti and other stuff all mixed together to put the stuff on the wall, Rocco asked if it would be loud since he never heard one shot befoer, Sean and Norman told him no, it didn't make any noise. Well, when it went off, of course it was loud and it scared the crap out of Rocco, his reaction in the movie was his real reaction to the sound of it. He wanted to reshoot the scene and the guys told him no way, that was perfect. LOL
    We watched it again after meeting them and you can tell Sean and Norman are trying not to laugh at what is coming.

    And, we had our 13 yr old daughter with us and they were harassing the heck out of her... she had a blast. They were really good to her.
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    Really...really mindless action movie. The Transformers flicks have a clearer plot. The main problem with this movie is it's commitment. It's over two hours long. Apparently, a felon can easily become a naval officer, and aliens will land on earth, and their maiin priority will be to phone home, and check in with their parents. If the movie stated the purpose of the alien invasion, I totally missed it. The PG 13 rating prevents any decent nudity, and had this movie stooped to that level, it would have brought it up a notch.

    The only reason I didn't give it a red title is the special effects are great. The soundtrack was way off too. During the build up of the finale, they use the song Thunderstruck by AC/DC, when the song Big Gun would have been a better choice. Also, the closing credits uses the song Fortunate Son by CCR. Don't people realize that's a protest song? I don't know what musical boob was in charge of the soundtrack, but I hope they never work in Hollywood again.

    Oh, and sadly enough, theres a setup for a sequel.

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