Scania 143 The best European truck ever made

Discussion in 'Other Truck Manufacturers' started by Flemming Andersen, Apr 3, 2015.

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    Speaking of the 142's - a "legend" here in Denmark, has just been sold to a collector from Belgium, this 142 was in traffic until end of last year, more than 4 million kilometers on the clock
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    My family started the bussiness on similiar one. That was a nice truck and still is. But i don't like new Scania models. I found them uncomfortable and rough to drive. Everything before year 2005 regarding Scania is nice to me, these new models are not for my apetite.... This one from picture in attachements is still alive and has around 4.5 milions kilimeters driven. Now we have mostly Euro 6 Daf and Actros truck in fleet

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    i keep my Benz :)
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