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Discussion in 'Truck Driving Stories - Tales From The Road' started by quillcom, Jul 29, 2016.

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  1. quillcom

    quillcom Well-Known Member

    Long time ago back when I was a reckless young'n crisscrossing the states in my car. There were two incidents that stick in my head involving semis.

    Back then before I started driving trucks I would at the spur of the moment take a weekend trip in my ford festiva several hundred miles one way, sleeping in my car, showering at the truck stops etc.

    This one particular trip I was pushing myself in the middle of the night, trying to make it to a ball game on time that morning.
    Sleep deprivation was an understatement; I was doing everything I could think of to stay awake- from sticking my head out the window to shoutimg out loud nothing worked.

    I finally started to give in to sleeping behind the wheel with some serious dozing off and weaving all over that lonely road.
    It was about this time unbeknownst to me that a semi far behind saw my weaving and immediately sprung into action.

    Pulling up right in back of me he threw on his high beems which quickly woke me from my semi-conscious driving. I wisely pulled over and slept.


    Very similar situation; travelling hundreds of miles from home on the weekend. Knowing I had to makeb it back to work that monday morning. Pushing myself this time in the middle of the day to stay awake.

    Here I am swerving all over the lanes again amd just up the way here comes toll. i remember slowing for the toll several thousands of yards out and that about when I completely dozed off again.

    The next thing I remember was a loud blast from a semis air horn. I woke up and saw myself just feet away from the toll booth gate. At the same time I glance to my right to see the trucker who blasted his horn two lanes over from me.

    We quickly eyed each other and I saw that he was blowing at me: apparently seeing me a ways back swerving and or seeing me rolling up to the booth with my eyes closed. I'm certain if it wasn't for that blast I would have did a battering ram on that toll booth gate.
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  2. realdesertkickin

    realdesertkickin Well-Known Member

    [​IMG]and then your uncle molested you? where are you going with this..??

    (Just kidding yo)

    Ya, the festiva probably played a role..the trucker knew he very well could roll over you and not even feel it, kept on a truckin, then 150 miles down the pike he's pulled over by 300 cops for not stopping....At least your werent in a 'fiesta'...his brights might have blown you off the road!! LOL

    We outta have a crappiest car thread...I had a 'chevette' that would easily not hang with your 'festiva'
  3. quillcom

    quillcom Well-Known Member

    lol "Like" I think. I put over 200000 mi on that festiva, loved it

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  4. realdesertkickin

    realdesertkickin Well-Known Member

    When I was in school, you'd put your pencil into the back of it, it would come out sharp!!!

    My pal running for JCT told me John Christner is a large man who drives a prius!!! Thats funny
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  5. realdesertkickin

    realdesertkickin Well-Known Member

    ya know, this was all cool and fun till you tossed in the 200k thing...thats concerning bud, uncool were you!!!?? LOL
    Sure you have more money than all of us now, and maybe a easy brain during the day as you were not striving like a dog because you wanted a new ss camaro or something like the rest of your not loosing hair early..i see your probable points, but still, 200k? mailjeeps go quicker not breaking 35 mph, how slow and easy did you take it?

    I drove this piece of crap for about 6 months...It popped a timing chain, I left it in some lot somewhere, got other car
    [​IMG]I had a pinto wagon that was pretty bad...couple olds delta 88's, some bad 200 dollar caddy;s....its been fun
  6. quillcom

    quillcom Well-Known Member

    lol keep the ss drop the camaro, replace with a Monte Carlo 84'-88' loved those cars too.
    Yep, my worst was my first. 1979 malibu classic. Started right up......without a key...........leak in the everything including the gas tank which btw the two halves was sealed transversly so eventually alllllll the gas would leak shocks,,,,,
  7. realdesertkickin

    realdesertkickin Well-Known Member

    I had a 67 delta 88...Ignition didnt work, hood blew open one night, rapped around roof, took it off and left it on side of the road...
    Made jumpin the starter solenoid way more user friendly...actually tucked my little coathanger rapped in garden hose tool under the wiper that didnt work..

    Had like a 900 cubic inch motor in it tho, I could roast one tire, like marks were very distinguishable in my town..skinny, black, and 14 miles long
    I was 15 license, had warrants for driving without was cop heading the team..I was listed as times
  8. Duck

    Duck Quack Supporter

    It's true NASA & other space agencies have been researching the possibility of spacecraft with large sails that are propelled by solar wind but I don't think the headlights from a truck are going to produce much thrust on even the smallest car.

    I suppose in a total vacuum, they could turn on a super bright light on a piece of mylar hanging in front of it and use lasers to measure to see it it moves the mylar away from the light. o_O

  9. Duck

    Duck Quack Supporter

    I had an '86 Mercury Capri with a 4 cylinder that would do that. o_O
  10. quillcom

    quillcom Well-Known Member

    I think Einstein already tested that in either his general theory of Relativity and or E=mc2 ..:D
  11. quillcom

    quillcom Well-Known Member

    Not slow and easy at all just took several and I mean several very long trips within a few years. When I first got it, it had 60k.
    Some 4 to 6 years later over 200k.
    Thats a good idea, go ahead and start one, or anyone else coming in here, it'll be fun to read.
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