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Ryals v. hireright solutions/usis comm ser./liable to the CDL driver

Discussion in 'General Trucking Discussion' started by DangerousDan, Sep 18, 2011.

  1. //// Anybody else on this site file a claim ?, curious to see what they've received??
  2. I filed a claim...and I got a check today in the mail for a large sum of money...It about blew me out of my shoes!
  3. Damn, the Eagle swatted!!, I'll be a egg suck'in Monkey!!

    Got a e-mail from my people, said that a check came today, but didn't say for how much!!, could'nt reach 'em on the phone?, sent a e-mail, but it was to late, there all sleep'in",now I got to wait til the Mornin', you believe that!!,don't guess I'll get much sleep!, Let ya'll know tomorrow!!:banana::banana::bullhorn::)
  4. how dare they keep ME in suspense..!!!!

    you had better have a good talking with YOUR people...~~~`~~!!!!!
  5. WhiteAngus, "large sum" is a very subjective term. Give a kid Glenn's check and he'll feel like a millionaire. Give it to someone whose livelihood was destroyed by an incorrect DAC and he will rightfully feel insulted. What was your amount?
  6. //// That's what I said this mornin'!!, 4k!!!,we're "Partyin' Now"!!!!, really didnt' have much faith in all those #'s they quoted, But, it was true!, Now i'm gona get that fisher "Goldbug #2, and really look for the Gold, good luck to everybody, Dangerous!
  7. you got 4 grand...????

    how much trouble did DAC cause you..??

    i went through some marlarkey with them, but only ended up with $158.

    but for me......i felt like a "kid millionaire"...[​IMG].....[​IMG]
  8. ,//////Actually it's a might more, because i was in the other class also, 1681,it paid kinda what you got, then in the "High Roller", class 1681(i),was the main payout. They ,aka, hire right/usis, just put whatever they got from your employer's,w/o checking for Cluster ----'-, in one case, they had me down as a O/O???when in fact I was C/D, them crooked SOB's in CA, would list you as a L/O, or O/O,to get the tax break,making you liable for the tax on the 1099?, there was a few Mex outfit's got caught with there britches down,and got nailed for it, pulling the same crap, they thought they was real smart, until they got locked down, 1 for us!!, there were 3-4 more episodes, with other outfit's ,but won't go into that.Right now I figuring out where to start prospectin'??, It will be in Nv., just so long as it's not far from the Saloon, and Cathouse!!,see ya boy's, and girl's, Good Luck to ya, and "Don't throw away any of your Dac report's, who know's they may screw up again!!,That being the main reason I got through,since 06', I've kept all those report's, so when I filed on 'em, I fired all that stuff in, and by God, we prevailed!!, Amen brother!!

  9. well actually i too was "listed" as an o/o and never was..in fact...i never worked for the company that listed that..!!!

    oh well.....

    although unlike back in my youth, when a shiny new dime bought nearly a half pound of candy at the candy store, my $158 did at least allow me to buy one half full shopping bag of groceries..!!!
  10. Injun I got $4124.26 in the mail...I totally forgot about it so it was a very pleasant surprise. That DAC **** can kiss my ass. I have an amazing job and what harm they caused by false claims on my DAC will never be an issue again. So yea they got what they deserved, and I got a lot more than I had ever expected.
  11. Now there needs to be multiple class action suits against the trucking companies who report the false information. All DAC did was gather and distribute the false information. Why is ALL of the blame on DAC? They're not the only guilty parties here.

    I've been hearing about trucking companies reporting false information to DAC for as long as I've had a CDL. Doesn't that make them guilty of slander?
  12. ///// hire right's mistake was, that they should have investigated the info, before sending it out to prospective employer's,as per sect, 1681(i), fair credit ,blah, blah.,Instead they just sent out all that bulls---, and look what happened!, And you're correct as far as the Big dog's go, they should be liable for false reporting on a driver, they should be require to provide ?Proof" of the dasturdly deal.
  13. ////// I think anything reported to DAC that's not backed up with real hard evidence should be considered grounds for a slander suit against the reporting carrier. The burden of proof should lie with the carrier.
  14. They should all be responsible for what they place on a driver's record, regardless of whether they run 16,000 trucks or one truck. I do not believe in singling businesses out simply because they have managed to be successful.
  15. /// 10-4, that's the whole deal in a "nut shell"
  16. got a check for $4124.00, spent most of it in Pahrump,Nv. // Sherry's , oops!!, at the spa?? woof!,

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