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Discussion in 'Owner Operators' started by JACC0811, Jun 4, 2012.

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    So, what's the process of running team as an O/O, lease operator, etc.? I'm possibly going to sign a lease on a truck with the company I am with in the next couple weeks and I have a spot waiting on a real good dedicated route. But to be on the route I either need to team or train. And being a trainer is a good option. But I have a friend that wants to run team with me.

    So, I was wondering how you go about hiring your 2nd seat. The taxes, paying them, pay rate, all the in's and out's. I'm sure se things vary with the company, but I wondered if there were things that were common practice. I will also be talking to some people at home office about this, but I wanted the real world info first.

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    Looks like no one here wants to provide any answers. I would like to offer help, but I am a lowly company driver.

    As for the dedicated run that can only be a team or a training deal, I have a question.

    Is this one of those companies that expects the trainer to train from the bunk while sleeping, and the trainee is driving?
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    The first thing I would do in file papers to incorporate. You do not want to get someone in your truck hurt and sue you for your own personal wealth.

    Then do you want to do all the tax stuff. 1099 is easier but I would have to cuss you out for doing it. Pay him 22 cents a mile for 1099. On a W2 pay the same but remember to subtract for Social Security and all. Basically, treat him like you would want to be treated. Train him on everything as you will want him to be the driver/trainer of your second truck. I do not know about Insurance and other benefits. With the elections coming up all of that is likely to change anyway.

    One thing to remember, you can make more money hiring a woman driver as you only have to pay them 75% of what a man gets. :banana:

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