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Discussion in 'Averitt Express' started by veenstra, Oct 15, 2007.

  1. veenstra

    veenstra Tennessee Trucker

    Oh Boy, this is a good one here. Several things I could address.
    1. If you have tattoos that can't be covered (forget it) they hold themselves to a higher level, you have to pass a personal interview b4 you can even get to orientation. They are sooo special, the typical truckdriver, no matter how good or how much experience you have, if you don't meet their "standards" of acceptance in your looks, you will be told to get lost.

    2. They have gone to "ALL" automatic transmissions to attract the Newer breed of steering wheel holders who can't shift.

    3. They tell you in orientation to expect 2100 to 2300 miles a week, but this is a lie. I averaged 1700 miles, some weeks less than 900. You have to work there a few years b4 you get the good loads.

    4. They want you to fuel at their terminals, which causes you to go out of route just to fuel up, which equates to more miles you don't get paid for.

    5. The Driver Manager I had got mad as hell because I kept complaining about the lack of miles. Kept telling me things will pickup, after 5 months of waiting it never did. Told me if I got my Haz Mat I would get more loads, never was assigned even 1 Haz Mat load after getting my HM endorsement.

    6. If things don't work out, your stuck with their dorkey uniforms (5-sets) I also purchased jackets and hats I shelled out over $300. No refund for these items. I think they have a scam going on with the uniform company.

    7. Their motto is "THINK RED INSTEAD" You'll end up going in the "RED" instead.

    8. You'll think you have a good load with good miles, then 1/2 way into the trip, you'll get a Qual Com message to drop the load at a terminal, or relay with another driver.

    9.Their image is more important than the drivers. They think they are the military or something, Hell, you can't even wear your own hat, Only approved "Averitt" hats can be worn, or no hat at all.

    10. No beards, Sideburns, only a neatly trimmed short mustache is allowed.

    11. Every driver I spoke to had nothing but complaints about the pitiful mileage they were getting and still Averitt was putting on additional drivers, even some of the drivers who had been there awhile weren't getting the miles.

    12. Talk to more than one Averitt driver b4 you decide to go there, especially the new drivers. Like I said you have to pay your dues for a few years b4 you get any mileage out of these people. It's a joke, I feel like I wasted 5 months with low pay hoping it was going to get better, at least that was want they kept telling me.

    I have "almost" new uniforms (5-sets) if you want to save some $ should anyone wat to sign up

  2. user11108

    user11108 You talk'n to me

    sounded like when i worked for thing
    for digby though back then there truck's did run 73MPH.
    or maybe that helped you go brok faster.
  3. cottontop

    cottontop New Member

    my trk is not an automatic
    i've been with averitt 7 mos.,& i can't agree with anything you posted.1 the uniforms are taken out of 5 payments of $26.00 when you're hired after they give you $150.00 a year to purchase nrw uniforms.that does not equal $300.00.2 they have 284 service center's most of them have fuel and they are usually not out of route,& my fleet manager would rather i purchased fuel than go out of route.3 i've never had a 900 mile week,actually i,ve ran over 3000 the past month,and don't think i've been under 2500 this year.4 payroll has never made a mistake on my direct deposit,i get paid correctly on time every week.true they are picky about appearence,that's their perogative to hire who they want.i've tried to get a couple of driver's a job and they was told they weren't hiring in their area and they would be put on a waiting list,they said this in order to take care of the driver's they all ready have,so hiring new driver's left and right is also false.i don't know if u had a bad fm or how your performance was,on time pu and del.,but i would recommend averitt they are one of the good trucking companies out there.
  4. Driver287

    Driver287 Member

    I've got to give both veenstra and cottontop credit for being mostly correct. I worked for Averitt for about a month. They started me out at 42 cents a mile and kept me running the whole time I was there. Running out of the Fort Wayne, Indiana yard I was home every weekend but one when I ran out of hours before getting home. They do have a uniform policy that was not suitable to me most of my life I've worn western boots and they are forbidden as well as belt buckles. I have no tattoos but I've had a neatly trimmed beard for the last 30 + years until I joined Averitt which I've grown back since leaving. Recalled why I had the beard after a few shaves left my face feeling as though it was on fire. Could have gotten a doctors release but had already decided Averitt and I were just not a good match.
    Can not say much about the open door policy as I was never within a hundred miles of Cookeville after orientation. Fueling was pretty much as veenstra says and I found it too much trouble to get permission to fuel at truckstops.
    If you don't mind uniforms and dress codes, driving a tractor with an automatic, getting paid for the shortest route instead of practicle route miles and a few outher small things Averitt might be a good place for you.
  5. pc2468

    pc2468 New Member

    Hello, I am working for Heartland Express and I about to began working for Averitt Express . I will be out of Tifton,Ga. Terminal. Can you give me information about Averitt Express before I quit my job at Heartland Express. Can you also tell me about the orientation process that will be in cookeville,tn.? Hope to hear from you soon.

    Thank for your time!!
  6. pc2468

    pc2468 New Member

    Hello, I am working for Heartland Express and they have a bad feedback reviews of Squiddo website. I will be working for Averitt Express. What does Averitt Express hauls and will I be home every weekend like they claim on their website?

  7. 2xR

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  8. MustangLX

    MustangLX Parolee,financial advisor

    Looks like there hasn't been any recent activity here.
    I'm new to truckers forum, but have a few years with Averitt.
    If I can be of help, don't hesitate to ask.
    I will be checking in here from time to time or you can leave me a message.
    And no, I am not a recruiter and will not bs you.
  9. Mike

    Mike Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Thanks for offering to give some advice.

    Are you still with them now? What is your current opinion of the company?
  10. MustangLX

    MustangLX Parolee,financial advisor

    I am in my fourth year with Averitt and plan to stay for the duration of my career.
    While it's definitely not for everybody, it's a perfect fit for me.
    For starters, I live three miles from the Service Center. Haven't been this close to work since I had my own truck parked in the front yard.
    The benefits are important to me at my age, and the health insurance is very affordable and quite good.
    I also have the long term disability.

    I am in SLC(Supply chain solutions) for Mercedes Benz. I spend four nights at home and three days off every week.
    I was in Truckload prior to that, which is basically a common carrier operation, like any other.
    The difference being, they actually pay us for what we do and don't hang trucks out on the weekend.
    Detention at shipper/reciever pays a minimum of $14 PH. Some customers pay as high as $70, but not as likely to hold you up very long.
    Breakdown pay is $14, in the shop or on the road.
    Layover pay is nothing to brag about, $50 for moving less than 50 miles in 24 hours.
    If you ride with another driver for any reason, there is a mileage rate for that.
    If you get flagged for a drug screen, they pay $20 for your time.(Hey, it's something)

    It's far from perfect. There are bad days and even bad weeks. There is the occasional grouchy dispatcher.
    There are some rookie night and weekend dispatchers who don't have a clue.
    The pay could be better, but during the bad times most everybody went through, we never had a cut.
    We kept our 401k match and all our benefits.

    After being an o/o and working for various outlaw outfits over the years, I resented the uniforms/dress code, but gave it a shot anyway.
    Maybe I'm brainwashed now, but it doesn't seem like that big of a deal anymore.
    It's also kinda nice to not be embarrassed at a customer by some sloppy looking driver.

    But to answer the most asked question I ever get: Yes, we get home every weekend. I have never missed one, period.
    There is a voluntary 2 week program for those that wish to stay out and run.

    One more thing. Averitt has the advantadge of being primarily an LTL company with over 100 terminals. There is always somewhere to drop/relay a load.
    If nothing going your way, they will tell you to get an empty and go home.
  11. alfonso4ever

    alfonso4ever New Member


    I apply with Averitt back in August the 06/2010 for a driver position, I have being talking with a recruiter name Jeniffer, initially they had a problem trying to validate employment with one of my previous employers but finally a week ago this was verified (btw, this job was not a driving job related) I have been trying several times to contact my recruiter, I left her several massage on a daily bases and she will not respond my calls, do you know of any other person I can contact to see if can talk to some one about my status? I have a clean record and It has being verified, have take in the web cam interview with them as well.

  12. cajuntrucker59

    cajuntrucker59 Well Known Smart Azz

    ask for someone who speaks spanish!
  13. alfonso4ever

    alfonso4ever New Member

    I'll give it a shot, it is ridiculous that they won't take the time to tell you yes or no and I have rejected other offers waiting on them.
    Thanks for the suggestion cajuntrucker59
  14. Road Dust

    Road Dust Takes a little sunshine

    That's mean.
  15. cajuntrucker59

    cajuntrucker59 Well Known Smart Azz

    my bad. didnt intend for it to sound that way. caught a hint of spanish lingo in alphonsos post. thought he might be having a communication problem trying to get info over the phone. being from south texas i have seen this before with some of my freinds who would perfer to speak in spanish. if you request, some companies will provide you with a spanish speaking customer rep to make it easier. will try and be more tactful next time. thanks dust!
  16. patriciajnsn

    patriciajnsn Steering Wheel Holder

    Talk to mustang hes a member here and drives for Averitt.
  17. alfonso4ever

    alfonso4ever New Member

    No, communication is not an issue here, i may not be able to write as well but i can communicate better, but just to give u all an update, my last employers was not doing there job of verifying employment and that was tho hold up. got it taking care and I'm flying Sunday to Nashville then to my orientation, problem solve.
  18. cajuntrucker59

    cajuntrucker59 Well Known Smart Azz

    im glad it worked out for ya sir!
  19. Stogi

    Stogi Member

    I have been talking with Averitt about a position in their regional fleet. What kinda miles do you really get ? I know what the recruiter told me and I have been in this business since 1997 so I know they blow smoke up you ***. How long do you have to be there before you can start moving up the ladder? Thanks for any pros or cons about Averitt you could share with me.
  20. MustangLX

    MustangLX Parolee,financial advisor

    The above is from a friend of mine on another board that runs out of Decatur, AL. I think he has about 6 months with the company.
    I haven't talked to any other truckload drivers since I have been on dedicated fleet, but I generally averaged 2400 miles, getting home every weekend.
    As far as moving into a dedicated run, that depends on location more than anything, the main factor being a major shipper close to your home base. Company seniority trumps terminal seniority if a driver from another yard is willing to move.
    If you are talking about a non driving position, we are free to apply for anything that pops up on the jobline.

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