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Rearranging the furniture again - Forum moved and/or removed

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by Mike, Jan 10, 2012.

  1. Was looking at the list of forums we have and it seemed to be far too large. Moved the truckers lifestyle category into a forum near the top, and all of the forums contained in it are now sub-forums.

    Report a Bad Company, Report a Good Company, and Trucking Accidents are history. All threads from these forum have been moved to General Trucking Discussion.
  2. Don't like it. I won't be happy until the terrylamar thread gets top billing.
  3. Everything has a price!
  4. Oh, before we begin negotiations, understand I know where to pick up a cattleprod!
  5. high voltage!
  6. I need to talk to Maria, you need help Mike...hahahaha..
    I thought men didn't like change....
  7. I just like to watch everyone trip and fall every time they come in :)
  8. That's just mean...hahaha

    It sure is faster to get from the top of the page to the bottom..
  9. Hey! There's no such thing as a large forum. I almost thought that you wanted a large site.

    ...sniff....I...suddenly...feel so....cold....

    Nah, no I don't. It's just a good thing that you didn't completely rearrange the entire site.
  10. That's correct. You can keep the change, but we prefer to....umm....not have change?

    *not a single witty or humorous idea left upstairs in my brain...maybe I'm finally getting old...goes back to hiding in the corner*
  11. LOL, we do want a large site, but large in terms of members/posts/threads. This thing was getting spread a little thin with relatively inactive areas, which don't look good to the casual visitor. Trying to condense things together a little to hopefully keep everyone's focus here and build on activity from it.
  12. That makes sense.

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