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Discussion in 'Owner Operators' started by Bored Insane, Jun 19, 2017 at 7:14 PM.

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    I heard there are more freights in the summer compared to winter season, thus the rates go up a little. I do see more freight, but not so much the rate. Is this normal? How is this year (2017) compared to prior years? Do you think the rate and the # of freights are increasing? What about a prediction for 2018?
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    Don't know what to say. But you are correct in your observations.
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    I'm just repeating what you guys have told me before, but wanting an update for this year. I did only started this year and have no clue what happened in the years past.

    I was never told what the company was getting as far as the rates go (except for the last company I drove for, I asked for the rate he was getting for 3 months that I was there). I'm sure Swift even lost some money on small contracts just to run the trucks and keep the drivers busy. The rates Swift got can't be much better than say, $1.85 a mile.

    Echo, CH Robinson, Landstar, TQL, etc... i.e., the big players have lots of listings for freight, but they don't necessarily have the best rates. I've seen the reverse mostly (the big guys have one of the lowest rates).

    I take it the rates don't fluctuate too much from year to year? (other than inflation, price of oil change, etc.)
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    I did forget to narrow down or make distinction on what kind of freight. Of course, I'm looking at Flatbed rates, but relative difference can't be different between different kinds of freight.

    BTW, I see the benefits of pulling a van (not yet on the refer), but the maintenance can't be better than flat bed...
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    Each trailer has its own seasons and rate trends. Figuring them out is the fun part.

    Recently, steps had been hot in Minnesota. Not so much recently. Produce is still 3-5 weeks out for Minnesota for reefer and done for the moment in Florida.

    It's spotty and tracks lots of seasons really.

    If it's one thing.....

    Semper gumby.

    Always flexible.

    What works this year isn't likely to change next year, but don't count on it being the same either.
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