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    I will say this @dchawk81 , in any old house I ever had without central air, it was easier and more efficient to close off unused rooms rather than try and cool the whole house with window units. Electrical overload can be an issue, too. Many older houses only have one circuit for upstairs, and that is unlikely to handle multiple units. It will run them just fine, it's the compressor start that draws all the juice and will kick the breakers. BTDT.

    Place is looking good, BTW :thumbsup:
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  2. dchawk81

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    And I guess everyone missed the part of them having temperature controls. They'll cool the room to the 72 they're set at and shut off or go into a low power mode.

    It won't be as bad as the ones that constantly crank.

    It's not as if the opposite...heating...is cheap in the winter. When it's extreme, money has to be spent for comfort.
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    My Great Grandfather and later my Grandfather had an old farm house, Easily a 100 years old. They pretty much lived in the lower floor most of the year.
    There was a door to the rest of the home but it was pretty much closed most of the year. Beyond that was an upstairs bedrooms But they were not used most of the year.

    I found that fascinating! Having a yuge home and not using most of it. But, It was explained to me that, That was how it was done back before the day.
    The home was about half the size as a plantation home.
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    Thanks. Yeah it's a 1900 house. Some of it was already updated, others was not.

    One of the higher priority tasks is to remove all the drywall upstairs and have the electric redone as well as new drywall put in. Right now there's a boatload of old wallpaper layered up that I'd never get it off. They covered two rooms with paneling at one point but the master is still nasty.

    I'm going to have to have one room done at a time though, starting with the master since it's the worst. Then I'll move from the middle into that, while it and the smaller are done.

    I won't be doing it myself for time and health reasons.

    My idea behind the 6 units with temp control is they won't have to kick on all at once. Only as needed. Some rooms can be allowed to run warmer. My main thing was getting the downstairs more comfortable and one bedroom cool enough to sleep.
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  6. Duck

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    I betcha it ain't drywall. ;)

    Since you're gonna tear it out anyway, go up and pound the wall.

    Closed fist, use the bottom, like if you were to pound your fist down on a table,... Don't punch it like normal or you'll likely break your knuckles if it's lath & plaster.

    They can upgrade the electric without tearing out the walls though.

    Modern fire code requires the stud cavities closed every so many vertical feet but yours will likely have open stud cavities and it'll be easy for them to pull Romex through with a fish tape.

    Tell ya what.... Grab a screwdriver and pull an upstairs outlet out, (holding it by the top and bottom so you don't get fried) and post a picture of the wires connected to the side of the outlet. I'll be able to tell you if it's safe to run an air conditioner.

    Your whole upstairs might be one 15 amp circuit. If there's a 30 amp fuse (or breaker) on it but only 14-16 gauge wire, you're asking for a fire if you run just one air conditioner up there.

    Do you have homeowners insurance yet?

    The upstairs outlets in this house are solid 16 gauge wire. Seriously... And they're jacketed in cloth.

    All light fixtures are LEDs and like I said, the air conditioners are run off of extension cords on the outside of the house.
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    More importantly, have you paid your yearly bribe to the local firefighting district yet?

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  8. dchawk81

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    You might be right on the plaster. If that's the case I'll just do the electric and throw some wall covering on. I knew the electric would have to be a top priority. But there's none of that old cloth stuff that I'm aware of. It's not all new but it's newer than that. I just forget what it's called.

    I'll get you some pics after work if I think about it.
  9. dchawk81

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    Oh and she already had at least one AC unit upstairs that she ran and two downstairs.
  10. Duck

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    Of its lath and plaster and it's all ****ed up can't you just fill on the ****ty areas and sand it down? Cheaper than putting up paneling. Maybe find some local Mexicans to do it.
  11. dchawk81

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    The wall itself isn't what I'm worried about. It's getting all of that crappy wallpaper off, which is many many layers deep.
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    you must despise paying taxes on those big ole paychecks.
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    I do. Hahaha
  15. dchawk81

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    Come on over and have at it, Pedro.
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    This was a terrible learning lesson for the both of them. I watched other couple go their own ways many times over the years and each time I watch I am thankful for choosing not to be a part of the dating scene or any type of relationship....It omits non needed problems.
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    i cannot say in DC's case and his house, but mine has old 110 volt wires. i had to (over time) call in an electrician and have several rooms wired with new ground wire, 20 amp circuit breakers. i think i only have like maybe 1 room left, and that's this room i am in right now with my pc.

    as i recall, to have all new a/c window plugs, cost me about $85 each. since i had some installed, and my late dad did as well, before i took over, i cannot say for sure the total cost. but i'd guess it to be about $1,000.

    a central air system for me, simply will not work. i'd need new windows, insulation and duct work, which i personally will not do with this old house, my next house (or condo) will be however fully equipped and i'm sure newer than this 1860 3 family house.
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  18. GAnthony

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    i'm liking the floors!

    i got hardwood floors throught my house, all three apartments, but too much to refinish them. the next owner (or investor that wants to but it can!)
  19. (((ME)))

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    On Saturday my two adult children talked me into making a trip to Pueblo, Colorado....But on this trip my daughter who knows i have a interest in them..... tells me they have found a dead Big Foot at....Dead Bigfoot Confirmed at Elephant Butte Lake, NM

    Know they search the mountains many times around my area for them....
    However about the only big foot I have found that might be real is this one...

    Good looking devil too.....:biglaugh:
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  20. Duck

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    Fake news. ;)
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