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Discussion in 'Companies' started by doubletuff, Feb 12, 2017.

  1. doubletuff

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    Does anyone have information on R&M transportation out of Omaha N.E. ? R & M suppose to be affiliated with Road Runner transportation and is a reefer division that mainly run SE, Midwest and the west coast. R&M was only a owner operator company but now they have about 100 company trucks. If I join them I will go in as a company driver. Any information will be helpful
  2. oldtimetrucker563

    oldtimetrucker563 New Member

    Use to be good company.
  3. r3gulator3

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    Opinions are everyone's own. I don't know how they treat their drivers to be honest. I know a few people who quit for greener pastures but most of them were job Hoppers to begin with.
  4. oldtimetrucker563

    oldtimetrucker563 New Member

    Before bought by roadrunner, they treated their drivers like they meant something.
  5. Duck

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    I heard that exact same rumor just the other day. :confused:
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