Question for the hungry drivers

Hello ladies and gents

Just a little background to start.

Brand new here to the forum. Not a driver but the daughter of a career driver and my honey drove for a few years too. I spent some time on the road with both and in-truck cooking has come a long way but not every driver cooks and... for those that do, not all of them want to cook in-truck every day.

Also, there is the whole issue that sometimes you just simply run out of time and aren't really that close to any place that you can get a decent meal.

I have an idea for a delivery service and my honey says go for it so I found this forum to ask the opinion of current drivers, since you folks would know best.

That being said, if you knew there was a service that would bring you a fresh home cooked meal (still hot from the oven fresh) to your truck for a reasonable price ... would you sign up for it?

No delivery charge. Flat rate. Tax included. Every meal is the same price so you always know ahead of time how much you get and how much you pay.

1. Generous portion of lasagna.
2. Green salad with dressing of choice.
3. Large piece of garlic bread.
4. Dessert (either a slice of pie, fruit cobbler, or cake.)
5. Your choice of a bottled cold beverage (non-alcoholic of course.)

Thanks for your time and be safe out there!

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Is there a market for it? Definitely.

There are people selling BBQ and Mexican Food like crazy around areas where there are multiple truck stops. Some motor through the truck stops with the food in their vehicles and looking for buyers, others spam the CB radio to death advertising.

Also see it around industrial areas where lots of trucks are picking up and delivering.
Yes. I have seen a lot of them around too and they have a pretty good thing going. I want to focus my endeavors on real home cooked offerings. I don't use box stuff. All fresh. My dad used to comment on the lack of the fresh homemade meals when a taco truck and/or fast food just isn't hitting the spot.



Some of those ladies in Laredo have real food homemade. Used to be one on West Memphis that hung around outside the UP yard. $10 for dinner and a drink. Food always varied day by day. Lasagna, Meat Loaf, Baked Chicken, real Tamales, Swedish Meatballs.......

Pretty sure she passed away or moved. Last time I picked up at Schmuckers the guys said they had not seen her in a while.


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I'd go for an entree with salad &/or sides if I were camped out at a customer...
Especially after 12/17/2017 when ELOG's become mandatory and drivers aren't able to move without going on duty or driving!

My best guess for a price point would be around $10 plus tip.

When I worked a factory job there was a guy whose wife brought homemade burrito's once or twice per week.
$2 each, 3 for 5, but that was a hundred years ago when vending machines would yield a small can of raviolis for 50 or 60 cents.

That guy would drag a 40 quart cooler in at lunch time and sell out within 10 minutes!
But they were some pretty awesome burritos!
Beef, sausage, potatoes, onion, etc!
I bought extra to bring home sometimes.
Thanks all! I am going to go for it. I agree, keeping the price at about 10.00 is where I want to be. Gonna work on it and hopefully will be seeing some of you along the I-75/I-40 route near Knoxville in the coming weeks.

Be safe out there!


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things to consider....

What are the state food regulations for food trucks in your area?

How responsive are the shippers/receivers to food vendors soliciting on their property? Some flat out don't want you there. Same with truckstops.
Yes. Have been looking into all of this. Cottage laws in TN are more lenient than most states so I just have to find a spot or lay out a route according to county AND city guidelines for vendors
I'd go for an entree with salad &/or sides if I were camped out at a customer...
Especially after 12/17/2017 when ELOG's become mandatory and drivers aren't able to move without going on duty or driving!
Yes! I know my honey was stuck in a few places out in the middle of nowhere for hours at a time because the company he drove for was a stickler for the time. Even if he was only half a mile from the next place with services, he was forced to pull over and park.