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Discussion in 'Paschall Truck Lines (PTL)' started by 84skipjack, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. 84skipjack

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    can anyone tell me what orientation is like with this co.
  2. J.R.

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    PTL otherwise known as starvation express, there orentation consist of a week of boredom, bs and if your lucky a few good jokes o and dont forget the driving road test, thats about all there is to it not a big thing you canget thru it no problem , now wheather or not you will stay with them now thats another thing i did make one trip thhat was enough my truck was in the shop for an inframe so i tried them to keep busy, damn was i glad my truck was ready after one trip.
    good luck my friend. J.R. HORTON
  3. Mike

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    Why would you have a company put you through the hiring and orientation process, just so you could work for them while your truck is in the shop?
  4. user11108

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    My PTL

    I've been with this company for three months now. orientation was three days. breakfast was at the motel some kind of prepackaged pancake,waffle that was made the night before. a lot of paper work has to be filled out.all there trucks are automatics (no clutch at all) they have turned 95% of their trucks down to 62MPH. they have a spit pay scale .30 cents any trip west of the mississippi river and .33 cents east of the mississippi river. i have been getting around 2200 miles per week and at 62MPH that will keep you busy. 90% of their trailers i've found that their landing gear is very hard to crank up or down. so you better have some muscle. be ready not to idle your truck you will start getting messages on the qualcomm.
    i was idling mine to keep warm in VA and 60% is to much. the thing is though i only idle when when i'm in the truck trying to keep warm or cool it's off when i'm out of the truck. when it's a nice day i'll have the truck off.
    you have to wait one full year to get there insurance. they offer some crap insurance until your able to get it. lunch was pretty good. road maintenance
    is ok.i've been trying to get my A/C fixed for a month now no luck so far.
    well that's it for now i hope this has been helpful.:help:​
  5. Cerberus

    Cerberus In God We Trust

    Here's what you do. Next time you get near a terminal, go there and drop the truck at the shop to get it fixed. Or you can really bump some heads by , after getting to a TA or Petro, call in for a comcheck, when they ask for what, you tell them you got water from the condenser inside the truck and your dash is wet ruining their paperwork, so your getting your AC fixed. Bet they get you too a terminal then or just let you have it fixed. There is no way in hell i would drive a truck for an extended amount of time were the ac or heat did not work.
  6. user11108

    user11108 You talk'n to me


    I've been to the west Memphis terminal twice to get the a\c repaired.
    the first time the a\c machine was down the second time they had a new
    a\c machine but their was no one their that could work it.i just told this
    story that any new drivers would know what happened to me.:banghead:
  7. Cerberus

    Cerberus In God We Trust

    That sucks dude. BTW good to see you back around again.
  8. ridermark

    ridermark home town driver

    Pull into the terminal let them know you can't drive until it's fixed, or give you another truck :boxer: .I'm sure there are trucks sittin there from all the new drivers that have quit from the abuse and neglect :spit:
  9. jpl

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    no no no

    These are bad folks....with bad equipment. You won't like em. Whenever I was at the term in Murray, every driver was poor mouthin them. So not just me. Nothing good about them. From day one they will let you know you don't mean a thing to them.
    Every time that you have to talk to any department on the phone they will be ugly to you, no matter what you say...they will be speaking down to you. Most trucks don't have a apu, better not idle truck much, even in dead of winter or summer they will fire you!!
    Be off route, bad fuel mileage, idle time...fired fired fired. I did my year there for some experience, first chance I got I left.
  10. patriciajnsn

    patriciajnsn Steering Wheel Holder

    Glad u left.So are you with a better company now?

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