Prime is the best I've found so far. Any better deals?

Discussion in 'Lease Purchase Programs' started by Voodooking, Feb 19, 2017.

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    Yep. IP's our Prime lease guy.
  3. ironpony

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    Requirements to lease a Prime truck?

    Have CDL?


    Pen has ink?

    Good ta go!

    Seriously, you need to have a handle on the business end of trucking, and good control over your personal budget. You can do better than a company driver, you can also do a lot worse. Call Success Leasing (Prime's lease outfit) and get them to send you an exemplar copy of the lease agreement.


    The only requirement for a lease is to have been accepted by Prime as a driver.
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    I'm sure they'd probably even be a little flexible on that breathing part.
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    Nah... ya still have to pass a DOT physical.

    Breathing optional on th' way out of th' doctor's office.
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    People fake that all the time.
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    Along with memorizing the eye chart.....
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    Can you read the bottom line.
    Yup! Copyright of the Cleveland eye chart company, LLC. Cleveland Ohio.
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    Recited while staring at Facebook on smartphone.
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