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Discussion in 'Trucking Industry News' started by TruckerPetition, Jul 7, 2012.

  1. Racer X 69

    Racer X 69 Member

    Not true Duck. I have seen the Revenue Rangers set up just outside the ports stopping the clapped out slag heaps those boys who can't or barely speak English run.

    And recently I stumbled upon a list of can haulers who have been stopped and placed out of service for numerous violations, tires, brakes, mechanical deficiencies ad infinitum, permits, IFTA, logs and hours of service, etc.

    And many of them were repeat offenders.

    Sometimes I think those run down pile of **** can haulers (not to be confused with the can haulers who have decent and well maintained trucks) present such a problem that the law enforcement agencies can't keep up with them.
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  2. Duck

    Duck Quack Supporter


    You mean you've actually seen a can hauler with a decent, well maintained truck?

    That's like seeing a mermaid riding a unicorn.
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  3. Racer X 69

    Racer X 69 Member

    Yep. Sure have.

    In fact I'll bet [MENTION=1464]Tn. Truckers Wife[/MENTION]'s husband's truck is kept in very good condition.

    Tell ya what, I'll try to get some pictures of the good ones I see and post them here, so y'all won't be hatin' on me.
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  4. Tn. Truckers Wife

    Tn. Truckers Wife Well-Known Member Supporter

    Thankyou Racer and your right...We have spent a small fortune maintaing his truck...
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  5. Tazz

    Tazz Infidel Supporter

    Kind of hard to be taken serious when on the web site one of the programs they cite as unreasonable is not even properly named.
  6. GroceryHauler

    GroceryHauler Well-Known Member

    I don't have a problem with the petition, but I do oppose putting an end to random roadside inspections. The "drivers" who operate unsafe equipment and violate their logs know how to avoid scales. Random inspections are the only way to catch these people and get them off the road before their unsafe actions injure or kill someone else.

    D.O.T. officers are a necessary evil and while there are plenty who abuse their power, it doesn't negate the fact that they do far more good than harm when it comes to keeping our working environment safer. It's a cost of doing business.
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  7. KevTruckin

    KevTruckin Well-Known Member

    i aint signing nuthin.
    I respect the DOT they been good to me and when there not i look back 2 or 3 years later and i see its me that messed up.

  8. Tazz

    Tazz Infidel Supporter

    I agree randoms should continue. But I would add if a driver does run into someone he feels has overstepped authority or bounds report them to their respective agencies. One report about an officer might not garner results, but a hundred about an officer might.
  9. j911brick

    j911brick Well-Known Member

    I agree that there should be some kind of system that identifies unscrupulous cops punishes them (and perhaps negates all their former citations). The CSA should also not count warning tickets. If the officer doesn't feel the violation is significant enough to warrant a ticket then the CSA should respect that.
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