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Discussion in 'Peterbilt' started by wjhuskey, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. wjhuskey

    wjhuskey Well-Known Member

    I've got a 1993 379 EXHD Peterbilt that needs a new paint job and I want to change the color to burgundy. I've noticed that there are different burgundys on these trucks, one darker and one a little lighter and probably even more colors related to the burgundy family. But I know the exact burgundy I want and I need help identifying the name of it so I can tell the painter what to order. I'm sure Peterbilt has a name for this particular burgundy. I've attached a picture of a truck with the color I'm wanting. If anyone knows what its called, let me know so I can have it ordered from Peterbilt.
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  2. rigjockey

    rigjockey Token Canadian.

    NIce color. Have you been down to the Peterbuilt dealer if you print off the picture they maybe able to help you.
  3. wjhuskey

    wjhuskey Well-Known Member

    Yeah that is probably what I will have to do...the trouble is, the nearest peterbilt dealer is 120 miles from me. I may try to e-mail the picture to them.
  4. patriciajnsn

    patriciajnsn Steering Wheel Holder

    I seen some beautiful Burgandy trks today waiting for their loads from a slughterhouse across the street.
  5. rigjockey

    rigjockey Token Canadian.

    Wow thats a long ways away. You could also if by chance see a Pete with the color you want. See if the driver will let you see the paint code # I have no idea where that is located on a big truck on a car it's usually located on a plate under the hood by the radiator.

    We here at the Forum have the good fortune of having a member that worked for Paccar he may be able to help you find that plate that has the paint code on it if there is one on a big truck.
  6. wjhuskey

    wjhuskey Well-Known Member

    Yeah I thought about the paint code...but wasn't sure if big trucks have them...I knew cars and pickups do...
  7. bigyellowpete

    bigyellowpete Town Bike Supporter

    Next time you see one with the color you like, write down the last 6 digits of the VIN# off the side of the truck, and take it to the Peterbilt dealer and ask them to pull up the factory paint code.
  8. wjhuskey

    wjhuskey Well-Known Member

    That's what I'll do...thanks guys
  9. Racer X 69

    Racer X 69 Member

    Trucks, unlike cars are not mass produced and then parked on a lot waiting for someone to come along and buy them. Every truck is built to order. And when the customer orders a truck, one of the choices is color. Many fleets have their own color, and every truck they buy is painted that color, no matter what brand. Sure, Peterbilt will have "stock" colors, but the particular color you may want quite possibly may have never been a Pete color.

    BYP has a great suggestion to take the vin code and ask your local Pete dealer what the color is, but is that particular truck is not the original color that it was painted new, you might be in for a surprise.

    Another option you have is to go to the local auto body supply house and ask to look through their paint sample books. They all have them, and you can find the color you like, and possibly even get them to mix up a small batch for you to have your painter spray in an old fender in his shop for you to allow you to be absolutely sure that you have found the shade that gets it for you.

    And your painter may even have some paint sample books.

    Good luck!
  10. bigyellowpete

    bigyellowpete Town Bike Supporter

    As racer said, the truck may have been repainted, but peterbilt uses a code # as well as a name for most of their colors. My paint code is called "Mayfield Dairy Yellow". No idea why. I have seen Mayfield Dairy's trucks, and they aren't yellow.

    Peterbilt still offers the color though.

  11. terrylamar

    terrylamar Well-Known Member

    Or if the truck is parked, go as the driver to get the color code off the inside of the door. As others have suggested, ask him if it is the original color.

    Or check this out:

    Peterbilt Color Palettes
  12. Racer X 69

    Racer X 69 Member

    Is that the Short Bus when it was spankin' new?
  13. bigyellowpete

    bigyellowpete Town Bike Supporter

    Nope. That is an '09 289 with a high roof sleeper, as opposed to my '00 flat top. It is the same color though, which I was using as an example of them still offering it currently.
  14. wjhuskey

    wjhuskey Well-Known Member

    I got the vin number off the truck with the color I wanted and contacted my local Peterbilt dealership. They said its called Radiant Fire Effect. Thanks guys for telling me about the vin number being the key to finding a color I want IF its the truck's original color. I will probably do this again someday because I will probably eventually buy another cheap Peterbilt with a good motor and straight body that needs a better color on it.

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