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Discussion in 'Truck Stop Reviews and Discussion' started by navypoppop, Dec 4, 2014.

  1. navypoppop

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    Does anyone remember the truck stop that used to be in South Carolina on I-95 at exit 102 in Summerfield? It was on Route 301/15 just north of the old torn down Santee River bridge north of Santee. I think it was a T/A at one time when I used to stop back in 1970-72. I'm just curious and thinking about the old days in retirement. The last time I stopped through there it was a vacant lot. Thanks and keep the tires hummin. Navypoppop
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  2. Sinister

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    Santee Truck Stop.

    My Dad and older brother used to buy road dope there.

    Before I95 was finished as I recall.
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  3. navypoppop

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    I'll try and research that one. I know I used to exit I-95 going south and turn left at Route 301/15 going south and into the truckstop on the right. Thanks for your reply. Navypoppop
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  4. Sinister

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    No problem! Thanks for finding the forum!

    If you have any old time pictures or anything feel free to investigate the gallery and put them up!

    Most of these people have rudimentary literary skills...I mean...people like @Duck and @SkateBoard, and @Keendriver, and @Mike, and @Injun, and @rigjockey ...so pictures really help.

    These are truck drivers after all...

    Welcome aboard!
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  5. Sinister

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    By the way, I was born in 1973, so this discussion pre-dates ME.

    ...and here I thought history started the day I was born. hmph.
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  6. Duck

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    My library skills are not rude!!

    Screw you @Sinister!
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  7. Sinister

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  8. Injun

    Injun Rabid Squaw Staff Member Supporter

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  9. Keendriver

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    He was just listing his hero's.......
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  10. Sinister

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    See what I mean about literary skills?

    The fact that I meant literacy skills is completely irrelevant.
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  11. ttdriverll

    ttdriverll New Member

    The T/A wasn't the infamous truck stop in Santee, it was just the popular one. The cathouse was down farther and off a skinny road on the west side of 95. It was raided many many times from the 70's til it closed for good when SC made video poker illegal in the late 90's. I have firsthand knowledge of the joint, read up on it. Its in the local papers.
  12. Coronado Kid

    Coronado Kid Cactus Patch

    Howdy! Im in sc and Santee going by the beach theres a few truckstops I think
  13. Jake Barringer

    Jake Barringer New Member

    I remember my uncle talking about that cathouse year's ago. I think he used to go there back in the early 80s. Who ran that thing then? How did it stay open for so long?
  14. gearjammer

    gearjammer jammer Staff Member Supporter

    I was graduating around the time you were born which means you missed out on all the fun times the 60's and 70's were the best times of my life free love.good bear,cheap pot.
    AH the good ol days
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  15. Mexico Trucker Online

    Mexico Trucker Online Well-Known Member

    If it's the one I'm thinking off, it wasn't a T/A, but a small independent station. Didn't sell fuel, but had rooms out back and hot and cold running *****s, with an ATM. Several in that area, all owned by the county sheriff. Thanks for the good memories
  16. ttdriverll

    ttdriverll New Member

    Not exactly owned by the sherrif but you're close. I'll leave the names out. The original owner started in the late 50's or early 60's with the Rebel T/S located just off exit 98, first exit south of the bridge in Santee. Then he opened several in the years that followed. In the late 70's he sold to his protege and right hand "assistant". This assistant had a brother that became a SC State trooper after the military. The brother retired after getting shot and partnered up with the now owner of no less than 3 establishments. The 95 T/S at exit 93 wasn't first but by far was the most notorious of any T/S in the state and possibly the entire eastern N/S route. Pull out taking a left going over 95 and south on 15 will be another joint down on left and one on right before I 26 jct. Other side of 26 on left still stands the "real truckstop" today called the Dixie Boy. Pull out of the 95 T/S going right and today's "fantasyland" was once another. Go left on 301S and another down on left and yet another just before 26 on left. (open). This is just the few around Santee that the owner of the Rebel built before the 95 was fully opened. Sections were opened up at a time forcing traffic to exit and run the old road. At these interchanges were locations that would thrive on business years after 95 was opened when most didn't even know if their existence. A driver could stop for fuel, burger, pu**y, dope and play video poker all at one spot. A part of SC history and the history of trucking as well. A huge part. All fell apart when video poker was banned. That was the glue that held everything together.
    Someone should write a book or a movie about this true life story. Even a film about Carolina Shaker would have scenes with him at the 95, a regular stop of his. There's a few shots of the place in the music video about him.
    It'd make a good flick.
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  17. Renegade 21

    Renegade 21 Member

    Deming truck terminal closed in Deming ,N.M
  18. Geranimojess

    Geranimojess Well-Known Member

    "Pinterest" is a very good Site for old Photo's...I often spend hours going over old Gasoline Stations scattered across the US...and Diners from the 60's...great Nostalgia stirrers...:cry:
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