No cab fan but works on bunk heater


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My 2007 9400I stopped blowing air out the front vents yesterday all of a sudden. I replaced the control panel on the dash with a new one to test, and nothing, however my bunk heater blows just fine. I think I had this problem once before but can't remember how I fixed it. No matter whether on defrost or floor heat, no fan. Any ideas??


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You need to pull the connection off the fan and put a meter on it. Turn fan on high and see if your reading 12 volts. If you are then the fan is bad.


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there is only one fan I believe and it blows in the bunk. I think there is a rheostat in the same compartment as the fan under the seat. I changed that as well last year. maybe it went bad.


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check with the usual suspects, blown fuse, loose wire, if the resistor in the circuit is bad, usually you get high speed fan only.

given how all trucks take a pounding, that resistor can be broken.