Nice to know our company is one of the no. 1's

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  1. Irunwithhubby

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    Oklahoma City, Ok - Oklahoma Trucking Association awards John Christner Trucking with a First Place Feet Safety Award.

    The over the road, temperature controlled carrier was presented with a First Place Fleet Safety Award at the Oklahoma Trucking Association's annual awards banquet in Oklahoma City on March 1st. Shannon Crowley, Vice President of Risk Management proudly accepted the Safety Award in the Irregular Route, Over 5 Million Miles division. Also sharing the honor were nine of sixteen John Christner drivers whom were all receiving awards for driving over a million accident free miles. This is the third time that John Christner Trucking has been awarded by the Oklahoma Trucking Association for its safety record.
    The Fleet Safety Award is presented to carriers with the best accident frequency in several different divisions. John Christner Trucking maintains a satisfactory USDOT Carrier Safety Rating with a 0.47% crash frequency for the state of Oklahoma. John Christner Trucking has also been honored by the Truckload Carriers Association with the National Fleet Safety Award on four occasions.

  2. MarkWilde

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    What a Joke

    You know, as a company that claims to be so self-righteous ( is a child-etc.), I have heard that they are as small minded in terms of employees as any other company. More interested in profits than in their drivers. Just like any other medium sized/large company.

    When will these companies learn that to save save any money in recruiting, all they have to do is treat the backbone of the company like people and not numbers
  3. SilverSurfer

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    MW...They will only learn when we unite and take a stand, informing them of this. Until then...wouldn't hold my breath on company's doing it on their own.

  4. Mike

    Mike Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Would love an explanation on this.

    This person made a comment within another thread a while back and I moved it into it's own thread.

    More than two months later we have comments like this? Based on "I heard"?

    I have no problem with people speaking for or against a company, but "first hand" evidence is what we should be looking for.
  5. TJGoSurf

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    I got denied by this company, I wish I could have recorded the conversation. It went like this.

    "Hi this is Me. You were supposed to call me back last week and never heard from you."

    "Ok sir let me check on your app, alright here it is. It looks like were rejecting you because you've had too many jobs"

    "But I've only worked for one company in the last two years as a driver, and before that it was 3 years."

    "Yes but were just looking at your driving work, and it says you've had too many jobs."

    "But I've only had one."

    "Well thats what it says."
  6. truckerstrike08

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    LMAO thats kinda funny in itself. Probably a good thing they didn't hire you then you wouldn't be where ya are today.
  7. TJGoSurf

    TJGoSurf Well-Known Member

    ahhh yes working for the drunken tiger. paid by the hour is nice.
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  8. truckerstrike08

    truckerstrike08 Navigational Assistant

    If you didn't work for the drunken tigger LOL you wouldn't be able to post from your mobile device.
  9. TJGoSurf

    TJGoSurf Well-Known Member

    oh I love who I work for. its low turnover good pay.
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  10. Member 2400

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    When I first started driving I found their "girlie" ads annoying.
  11. breaks

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    I heard great things abouth john christner trucking and, decided to give them a try. the orientation began as most trucking companies but, eventually took on a sale pitch tone as the days went along. it became apparent that truck selection was going to be on their terms and, you pay. there was no checking the trucks out before sighning the lease purchase contract. the day we finally got to check the trucks, inspection etc, it rained on that day, of course we were incouraged to go out into the rain to check the trucks out, which i thought was very disrespectful. i was the last to pick a truck which was very heavy with the smell of cigarette smoke, which i found very distasteful. i was politely told you accept it or we will happily give you a bus ticket home. to make a long story short, mgmt believes that drivers are a dime a dozen,why
    should we make any decession to make life easier for these drivers, we have a waiting list of drivers who just caun't wait to start with us. i went on to find out that
    the truck was infested with bugs, which i had to contend with for a few days. i returned the truck with the intention of getting into another truck, they offered me a bus ticket instead. moral of the story, when some companies become successful they
    forget how they got there, and very soon they fail. trucks are machines, respect the drivers. and to all you drivers reading this, demand respect, you make these people wealthy.
  12. breaks

    breaks New Member

    we as proffesional drivers should never allow employer to push us around.
  13. Mike

    Mike Well-Known Member Staff Member

    as a driver myself, I don't.
  14. Grinder

    Grinder Well-Known Member

    What goes around, comes around. It's inevitable. It just usually doesn't happen fast enough to suit me, though.

    Yep. You can say that about any kind of business out there. But treating people like crap is never a good business decision and they will pay for it.

    Right now they are in the drivers seat. Drivers need them more than they need drivers. That will change. And drivers will remember how these companies treated people.
  15. Tn. Truckers Wife

    Tn. Truckers Wife Well-Known Member Supporter

    Grinder is correct...They have the upper hand FOR NOW....
  16. bountykiller

    bountykiller Member

    from this post it sounds like the only good thing about JCT is that they buy new trailers from Great Dane.
  17. Haystak

    Haystak Member

    Are there any actual JCT drivers in here? Would like to talk, chat or email about the company. Trying to find out more info about the company other than just second hand rumors and cb talk.
  18. Racer X 69

    Racer X 69 Member

    Well I have first hand information

    Actually, it is about a driver for this company. I stopped at the J at Oak Grove, KY tonight, got fuel and headed to the lot to find a spot for the night. Just as I was pulling away from the pumps this JCT truck came flying in front of my at like the speed of light, almost hitting me. I said to myself, ok, there is still a couple os parking spaces left, if he wants to he can have first choice.

    I had already spied a spot in the back so I circled around toward there and when I came around the corner here was this JCT guy trying to back into another spot about half way up the aisle. I just hung back and waited as I needed the area he was in to get lined up for the spot I was aiming for.

    As I am waiting and watching this guy try to worm his way into his chosen place I see he is about to run his trailer bumper into the driver's side hood and door of an Interstate Distributing tractor. I grab the mic and tell him what he is about to do but I guess his radio wasn't on. After wiping out this guy's hood, skirt and door Mr. JCT decides he doesn't want that space and pulls out and leaves.

    Meanwhile the driver of the Interstate truck has put on his pants and come out to see Mr. JCT drive away.

    What an ass.
  19. boone315

    boone315 SPACE TRUCKING

    Man, I hate that, it has happened to me, If you make a mistake own up to it, if you run, it is only going to make things worse. And if you think you can pull that crap and get away with it in a crowded truckstop, what have you been smoking?
  20. walkabout

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    I was one of JCT's first lease -ops (L430) was there for 4 1/2 years and paid off the truck and continued to drived it for them. I loved them. Had to leave in the summer of 2004 to take custody of my kids and drive local. Tried to go back to JCT last summer as a team with wife and was told not interested at this time! and I left on excellent terms. So I say forget JCT, Their lease is way over priced now (16% interest) it's 7.75% where at now and same $1 buy out.

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