niagra bottling, seguin TX

Discussion in 'Shipper and Receiver Reviews' started by mndriver, Jul 8, 2016.

  1. mndriver

    mndriver curmudgeon extraordinare

    Typical for Niagra bottling.

    long detention and incapable of meeting appointment times.

    Brand new facility, not even on Google maps.

    Niagra Bottling
    1730 8th ST
    Sequin, TX 78155

    They are now a "Do Not Load" facility.
  2. Mike

    Mike Well-Known Member Staff Member

    The entire San Antonio area is a "drive through" only region.
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  3. mndriver

    mndriver curmudgeon extraordinare

    @JunkYardDog5958 loaded there.

    5 hours to get gone from the appointment time and he was on time.
  4. Mike

    Mike Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Only way I deal with a beverage company load is a preload. More bad times than good for as long as I can remember with these.

    Add to that, crap leaking onto the trailer floor, broken glass, just a big pain in the posterior.
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  5. JunkYardDog5958

    JunkYardDog5958 Well-Known Member

    It ended up working out barely. Very frustrating!

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