New treatment for ED

Truckdrivers that really suffer from ED ain't gonna say nothin' anyway.....just like their hemmies. Too proud. They'd rather live with the embarrassment and the pain.

No, I don't know this from personal experience... as if that mattered anyway, but I do know drivers. I guess they'll tell their close friends but they are even afraid to tell their doc ~

Sad, us bigstrappers... with our eyeballs fallin' out n' ****

If anyone actually did want to know and were afraid to ask... well:

1) HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) .. it's a life-changer, and it works for depression as well, which for some reason most truckers think is only for pussies...ahem.. bad choice of words

2) the second "issue"... just push em' back up in there and STFU... you'll be fine... maybe stop eating truckstop hotbox garbage so that you don't have to blow a gasket everytime you sit in the Flying J's oversized fatboy quarantine.....

Youre welcome.

Now, get back to steering wheel holding, until a computer does it for you.