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New neighbors.....

Discussion in 'Truckers Pet Stop' started by rebel, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. These neighbors I don't mind. I wish I could get a picture of them, but it's not easy without a bright light or infra red camera.
    And they are a little shy at first and REALLY don't like it when you screw with them.
    But they are pretty cool.

    Flying squirrels.

    Saw the first about a week ago in the bird feeder at night, they're nocturnal.
    Now the whole family stops by, been watching them for about an hour or so.

    From what I heard, they were living in an old bird house a few houses away until someone went knocking on it just to awaken them and "see".
    The next night they packed and moved out, lol.
  2. Cool, flying squirrels are fun to watch, we have them up here in Tenn. in our back yard. They can glide quite a ways.
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  4. :rolllaugh:

    Why do you think I tossed that one in there?
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  5. I didn't know squirrels could fly...I have an oak tree in my front yard and they are everywhere.
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  7. They don't really "fly" like birds. They just kind of "glide". And not glide like a paper airplane either, it's more of a controlled fall.
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  8. Here's the interesting part, they do this controlled fall, at night, in the trees, amongst one of the best nocturnal predators ~ the owl.
    No wonder you don't see them all the time!
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  9. I've got something with wings that screeches all the time. It's even more annoying than the whining from a lonely, scared puppy. I don't know what kind of bird it is, but when I manage to get a picture of it and figure out whether it's some endangered thing or not, ... if it's not endangered and doesn't eat rodents & smaller birds, I might just grab my .22. The damn thing is freakin' ANNOYING AS HELL.
  10. I don't know where I was but I was real young and on vacation with my parents. We were in a place with those little bastards. All of a sudden one of the squirrels started flying to a smaller tree close to me. My father had me stand real still before that. He said if the animals don't see movement they start to come out. Well, this squirrel makes the leap and I run out waving my arms and yelling. He freaked out like he was trying to stop and hit the ground short of the tree.
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  11. A few weeks ago I was sitting on the concrete steps outside my back door w/a cigarette & after I ditched the cig, I was sitting perfectly still. Just woke up, hadn't had coffee yet, lazy, etc.

    A mouse came close to me, then stopped & looked at me from about 6 feet away. After a few seconds he ran back into some weeds. Then I saw him peek out & look at me for a few seconds. I was still sitting perfectly still, so he ran a little closer than he was before, & stopped & looked at me for a few seconds, then ran back into the weeds.

    That kept up until he was coming up just inches from my feet. Eventually he turned his back to me & was just sitting there about 4 inches from my foot, then after about a minute or two he took off like a bat out of hell & caught a grass-hopper & ate it.

    Just about any time I want to, I can sit out there & sit perfectly still for a few minutes and the squirrels will do the same thing. They'll all be staring at me, but if I don't move, eventually they get brave and come up to investigate. I've never had a squirrel get any closer than about 5 or 6 feet but they're curious, yet scared. They'll keep coming closer, just one or two short hops closer every 30 seconds or so, sometimes they get spooked & back up a few feet, but they eventually get kind of close. Eventually they get so close, the only thing I can think of is a gentle breeze might move the fabric on my shirt, or they'll see my chest moving as I'm breathing or something because something always makes them freak out after a few seconds when they get really close, and they run up into the nearest tree & stop & look back at me.
  12. I use to do that with my boys. Take lawn chairs and sit at the edge of the field early in the morning and not move or make a sound. Well, every freaking time something would come out one of the boys would yell, "Look look at that". GEEZUS
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  13. That one is the worst of all, and that Moose he hangs out with is incorrigible! Watch out when he gets into the Ambien!
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