New Moderation System In Place


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As of today, we have set up a new moderating system. While most of you will never see it, we are posting a really short general overview so all members are aware.

For the occasional minor rule violation, our typical action is to edit or delete the content. Given that this is happening far too often in many cases, we have activated a points and time based Warning/Infraction system.

A Warning is the first step after simple post deletions. No points are given out for warnings, they are simply active for a specified period of time. Additional warnings given out while current warnings are still active may result in an infraction.

infractions carry both points and a time duration. Both the points and duration may vary based on the action and frequency of actions.

The time duration for both warnings and infractions are in increments of 30. Some are 30 days, some are 60 days, some are longer.

Infraction points range from 1 - 3. Points are based on level of infraction and frequency of infractions being issued.

3 points = Account banned until points level drops below 3 points.