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    Hi. My name is Paul. Thank you for letting me join this forum. I have read some threads and feel right at home already. I have a question and it has to do with infamous rollovers. 37 days ago I was hauling two pups and flipped my tail trailer. The lead and my tractor both stayed upright. I was traveling northbound on a 4 lane highway (55 m.p.h.) with a center turn lane in the middle. Another truck was traveling southbound and came into the center turn lane and then made a left hand turn across the road in front of me blocking my side. I was in fear for my life due to human instinct and pulled the wheel to the left. I steered around him missing him and fought back and forth 4-6 times or so before dumping the tail. I was aware of my surrounding and knew I could go left originally. I missed the other driver, I had no freight damage (miracle), and received no citation. No property damage, etc. The major problem is the other driver took off on me. My company terminated me and I am going through the appeal process. My question is... would another company take a chance on me by considering what happened if my company does not reinstate me?
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    it'll be tough.

    good luck
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    I assumed so. Hopefully the appeal hearing goes ok. I was under the impression that all our trucks had cameras but on a few do. All the management even thought our cameras worked. If I make it through this I will certianly be arming myself with a HD dash cam regardless of what I am told
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    even though you were terminated, there was still a major wreck. tow truck(s) had to be called out. this is no doubt a DOT reportable accident. sure, you can be "cleared" of any wrong doing(s), but you still have a rollover accident on your driving record as well as the company record. your company is well within it's rights to DAC you as well, not that DAC holds any weight these days, but it'll still be there.

    not too many employers like to see accidents on a driver's record, but topping a trailer and rollovers (or upsets as i was told it could also be listed under) are not easy to get off the hook with.

    expect a while before you get back to work, with at least a reputable company.

    then too comes your experience level, years of driving, years of driving pulling pups.

    you actually let this accident happen. you should have been looking further ahead. maybe even be driving in the far right lane.>???

    i just cannot buy the "fear for my life", scenario

    i have pulled pups for years myself, on some of the most congested highways here on the east coast, under all road and weather conditions. i always made sure of what was up ahead. you just did not read the traffic as good as you should have.

    it is what it is......
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    Not my place to beat you up over this. I'm sure you're doing that quite thoroughly without outside help. There are companies that will give you a chance, but you'll have to beat the pavement (or computer keyboard) to find them. The key is to tell the truth about what happened and don't try to candy-coat it. Get a copy of the police accident report if you can and apply everywhere. It'll be hard work, but you should be able to find something. When you do, stick with it for three years until that crash ages off your insurance record.
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  6. pfrye2007

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    Thank you for your replies... I have won my appeal and been back to work for months now. GAnthony I was driving in the far right lane. It has been cleared and found to not be my fault. Not punching back but please dont be so quick to judge. You weren't there and have no idea what I saw. Have been pulling pups for 10 years and this was my first accident. Thank you for trying to look into my problem with me. Feel at home already. Luckily a gas station nearby had footage of the incident. To better explain... I was in my far right lane, he was in his fast lane and with no turn signal... turned left into the center and then straight through the turn lane to turn in somewhere. I believe he was afraid of passing his destination ect. I have since armed myself with a dash cam and feel very fortunate to still be working at one of the greatest trucking companies nationwide. Hope you guys have a great day!
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