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Discussion in 'Western Express - Nashville, TN' started by Trudger, Apr 18, 2012.

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    Ok, I started working for Western Express June 3rd, 2011. The company has had its ups and downs (more downs than ups,) and issues like any other trucking company out there. However, I have stuck with them now for over 10 months hoping things would get better. They have only gotten progressively worse.

    If you call a recruiter at Western Express, you will be told about how you can get all the miles you want, about 2500-3000 per week (is what I was told when I called last year)...however, I've only broken 3000 miles in a week only about 4 or 5 times in 10 months!!! The average seems to be about 1200-2000 depending on the way the runs come together.

    Now, I'm a hard worker and like to run 3-5 weeks out mostly. When I'm gone I expect to be paid well for the time I'm away from family. Well, the excuses are tremendous here, everything from slow freight to no freight to "Nashville" is being too picky about the freight. It keeps you SITTING. Oh, and your layover? You as a professional driver are only worth $35.00 per day! Now...there IS a quarterly bonus you can earn 1 cent per mile x 3 different types of bonuses. 1st one is averaging 2500 miles a week or more...most drivers can forget that one! The second one is your service bonus, and the third your fuel bonus. Oh...did I forget to mention that the company and its owners are so greedy that they'll try everything under the sun to make sure you don't get those bonuses? Yup! I just found out that since I pulled a groin muscle last quarter (and kept working, didn't go on worker's comp), I was diqualified!!! My family needed that bonus so bad with the crappy loads they've been giving lately.

    Also...the CSR and planners don't do their job very well. For example...the load I was needed an appointment reschedule due to the late time of the evening it was picked up. I waited all day...waited...and finally called the customer myself...all in about 2 minutes I had an appointment! Well, CSR didn't like the way I did their job for her so she re-set my appointment for way early in the a.m. I had this load set to t-call in the yard because the appointment was set for Friday at 10 a.m. She changed it for 7 a.m. Thursday! (tomorrow!) Now I have to sit on this crap load and deliver it without being able to head out on my next one!!

    Oh...and the company STEALS money from each and every driver to under the weekly "driver services" $2.50 FEE each week. Yes, the company CHARGES you for use of the pre-pass/ez pass and the transflo. Those are COMPANY expenses...not employee expenses. Now if we were contractors that would be one thing, but we are not. Oh...and D.O.T., due to the company's POOR safety rating, has forbidden the use of pre-pass! Yet...we are still charged each and every week!!!

    In a nut shell, my family has faced eviction a few times, has had to go to food banks, is always wondering what the next week will bring, has been having marital issues, and has had daddy away for several weeks at a time...but without much to show for it, except on a few occasions where its a decent week.

    Ever since the founder or owner passed away, the ones who have taken the reigns have run this company into the ground! They are the most greedy sob's I've ever heard of. Oh, and Don't believe those cool looking recruiting ads you see in the trucking know "Roll with the Black and the White!" They are holding orientation most weeks, due to the fact the company wants bodies in the trucks, regardless of whether they have the freight or not. That's drivers each week means sharing your miles. Instead of 2500-3000 miles...about 1200-2000 each. LOW pay, regardless of years of experience.

    RUN RUN as fast as you for Western Express and your ass will be in the frying pan!!!
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    Wow!!....I can't believe how bad it's gotten out there.....sorry to hear that crap....and I'd sure saying good-bye to that outfit.
  3. Trudger

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    ...working on it....
  4. Duck

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    How have they forbidden the use of pre-pass? Have they taken the things out of the truck or do they just tell you to keep them wrapped in tinfoil or something?

    For some reason Oregon doesn't like my company. All other states usually give me the green light except Oregon. Every time, red light, full stop on the scale, even when the pre-weigh things can tell I'm empty. But if I take the damn thing out of the windshield and hold it under my leg, and enter the scale, I always get sent down the bypass lane. So whenever I'm in Oregon I just take the thing off the windshield and put it in the fridge.
  5. Tim

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    Is this is the "Western Express" out of Nashville, Tn.? If so most of there "DOT problems" are from there drivers and/or the safety department not keeping an eye on things.
    In the Driver Fitness Basic the number 1 thing there wrote up for is "Driving a CMV while disqualified" 82 times in the last 36 months, 2nd most is "Driver not in possession of medical certificate" 51 times.
    In the Unsafe Driving Basic the number 1 thing to being wrote up for is "Speeding" 233 times, for a company that has there trucks cut back to less than 70 mph is kinda shocking.
    So taking things at face value from the FMCSA web site it looks as if the company will hire just about anyone that aint on a life support machine that dont give a damn about there self or checking the truck and trailer there pulling and thats a recipe for disaster.
  6. Duck

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    I've always found it amusing that a company based east of the Mississippi River would call themselves "Western Express".
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  7. Nu-Way

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    I just looked 'em up and saw they also have 12 fatal crashes in the past two years...that's about enough to make their COO a mass-murderer, don't you think? The problem with having a reputation like they have is that you are more likely to get stopped, checked, ticketed, harassed etc due to the fact that they (DOT) assume they can make money off you. Once the higher-ups at the company realize this, they pass the troubles along to the drivers instead of tackling the problem head-on. Sounds like an unfortunate situation, I hope you can find yourself a more respectable company soon.
  8. blackw900

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    Most of the time when a Western Express truck pulls in...You can bet it'll be entertaining watching them try to park or secure their load or whatever they're gonna try to do.

    It's obvious that they'll put "anything with a pulse" in those trucks.
  9. Injun

    Injun Rabid Squaw Staff Member Supporter

    They simply red light every W/E truck and make them go into the scale. Only PrePass can ban a carrier from using their transponders and that's usually for nonpayment.

    Oregon does not use PrePass. They use NorPass. It's not just your company. Swifties get hauled across the scales loaded, empty or bobtail because Oregon wants a record of every truck traversing the highways. Since PrePass and NorPass are not compatible and Oregon is not part of IFTA, they want to check your license plate in their database to make sure you have a fuel/weight permit. Washington and Idaho also use NorPass instead of PrePass.

    I took my PrePass out and left it at the house. It's useless up here anyway. I will be buying a NorPass unit in the next couple of weeks.
    Since I have the electronic tattletale now, there's no reason for me to avoid being tagged at a scale.
  10. Nu-Way

    Nu-Way Active Member

    Carrier Overview 'Nuff said.
  11. Mike

    Mike Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Wow, that company has some issues. How long can they go like that without being shut down?
  12. Nu-Way

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    Well a "corrective action plan" is usually forced on them by Big Brother, and if they adhere to the guidelines then they will be fine. It's kind of like a 12-step program. But if they do not stick to the plan, then their authority is usually revoked the following year. That's the way it works for most fleets, at least. Due to the shear size of the company, though, they may have some sort of "special" *cough cough* arrangement.
  13. Injun

    Injun Rabid Squaw Staff Member Supporter

    FMCSA does not care how big or small a carrier is. If what they have going on warrants revocation of authority, it will happen.

    Seems to me, W/E needs to start dealing with its issues.
  14. Injun

    Injun Rabid Squaw Staff Member Supporter

    Compare that to this

    ...and tell me once again, who the bottom feeder company is.
  15. Nu-Way

    Nu-Way Active Member

  16. Nu-Way

    Nu-Way Active Member

    Whoops. Broken links are not impressive, either. How about Carrier Overview
  17. Tim

    Tim U.S.Constitution Supporter

    Kinda like when the Crete truck rearend the car in Fla and killed 6 or 7 kids vs, Hester Inc., the company that had the crash in Ky that killed 11.
    They wanted to shut Crete down but I suspect some cash changed hands and they didnt as much get an conditional safety rating let along an unsatisfactory. But Hester on the other hand being smaller in size was shut down within weeks of the Ky crash.
  18. Nu-Way

    Nu-Way Active Member

    Exactly. And I'm from Illinois, I know corruption when I see it!
  19. Duck

    Duck Quack Supporter

    I was gonna explain how bribes work, but Tim already did.

    It's all about money. Whoever spreads the most around gets to do whatever the hell he wants.
  20. coachman

    coachman Old ass'd trucker Supporter

    My god how in the HELL does this company stay alive?
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