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Navigation Do You Use Phone Apps Or Stand Alone Gps

Discussion in 'Computers, Software, and Electronics' started by birchbarlow, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. I've started this thread cause I've noticed that lots of folks are using smartphones nowadays as GPS rather than a standalone unit.

    Personally I find the smartphone inadequate in that on the move your cell signal is constantly changing but tried afew trials for the heck of it on my HTC evo. Furthermore. After the trial period The price is often comparable to a standalone unit such as Garmin and for the price these units run off of satellites and have almost constant connectivity.

    Garmin is about the best as far as standalones go and Tomtom is the worst I don't know how Tomtom even stays in business .with their garbage units.

    So what do you prefer?

    Also this thread is as stated please no preaching about regular maps or you boneheads who say:holdflag: my GPS is my brain or computer software maps please save your two cents cause nobody cares we've heard em all before and prior to consumer GPS we all started w:holdflag:ith paper maps
  2. i use my iPhone. but when i am in Pittsburg my GPS is all messed up.

    I been looking at getting a Garmin.
  3. My phone has a free navigator that's pretty decent, but I don't use it. I use two different apps to find truck stops and rest areas though.
  4. Google maps in my phone to quick check distance, sometimes to get a satellite pic of where I'm going. Otherwise, paper.
  5. Streets and Trips on a laptop with a 16" screen. Hook a GPS antenna to it and go. I have every Chicken House, truck stop, some rest areas and details regarding truck specific routes built into it.

    I have also marked interesting places here and there, post offices that I can get close to with a big truck, laundromats, restaurants that aren't the typical truck stop greasy spoon, grocery stores that I can get to easily that aren't WallyWorlds.

    When I am given load assignments I create a push pin with all the pertinent details, location, contact info, ours of operation. When I get any load assignment it is a snap to plan the route, a few mouse clicks and there is a route highlighted, including stops for each day, miles, hours, etc.

    Why would I bother with a tiny GPS screen stuck to the windshield with a suction cup that I need a magnifying glass to read, or fumble with an atlas that doesn't give enough detail where it counts?
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  6. Curious.. does your system have current traffic?

    pm me specs please.

  7. Garmin DEZL 560 gets me everywhere including Pitts. down by the river, between telephone poles, only thing it won't do is move cars back from those narrow street corners to allow me my turn without crawling slowly over the hoods. (Slower ya go, the less damage occurs. So I was told.)
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  8. Can't get more current than looking out the window.
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  9. k... now your wiggin even me out.
  10. Sounds great!
  11. thanks i might order that Garmin 560. it looks pretty kool!
  12. I will check the general route with my iPhone or laptop on wifi. The GPS I use enroute is the one that is part of the Qualcomm unit I have in the truck. Occasionally will check the atlas. I like using the iPhone or laptop to get a good aerial view of where I am going to see the layout ahead of time.
  13. I use a regular gps unit, and google maps on my phone or laptop to check the place out if it is a new place for me.

    I recommend everyone to utilize google maps. Great way to get a visual on your route into a location. I can usually figure out exactly where to enter from looking at these maps. Great thing to know when a customer has multiple entrances.
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  14. Second the google earth. I will use google navigator to judge best route(It will give you up to three), but turn by turn is pick up phone and get directions verified off google earth.
  15. The one thing about satellite imagery is that it's next to impossible to see fences and gates. You can only see them if they cast a shadow.
  16. Not google. You can view most locations from street level, even read the signs on the fences
  17. ... and see naked fat people mowing their lawns.
  18. You need a hobby if your using it for that 8)
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