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my new adventures at freymiller

Discussion in 'Companies' started by jjcamper, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. well i thought there was no threads here i thought i would start on about this company. to start off I just started at this company today, i just finished orientation today and received my truck, i am waiting till moring before i get a load, been up all day. my first impressions of freymiller are good for the most part. they actually flew my down here to okc,ok instead of a slow bus, then they did put me up in a fairly nice hotel. orientation was only 2 days long, they seem too be a very safety mind company,( e-logs ) which i do not mind it is time for me to slow down sense the CSA 2010 came into effect. the pay seems to be on the low side but it is made up else where. the equipment is in good shape. I have of of the older trucks which is an '07 but the shop forman told me it will be traded in. with in 3 months so i would get a newer one, they have all peterbuilts and KW with APU on all trucks. well i will let everyone know how things go, i am heading to bed.
  2. my new advenvteres at freymiller

    Cool... congrats on the new gig. Keep us posted, and, good luck.
  3. my new advenvteres at freymiller

    Hopefully you come back in a month with yet still good news how freymiller is treating you.It's nice seeing something good about a company.
  4. well after the first 2 1/2 weeks things still seem to be going good, I have had decent miles so far i have been pretty busy , and they seem to have plenty of fright to go around. they also make sure you have plenty of time to make appt. well i went from okc, ok to Kent Wa, to richland wa, to ft. worth tx, to okc, ok. to Kansas city to dodge city ks to detroit mi then i worked my way back down into ohio to head home. but i have to leave tomorrow after a 34 hr reset. to pick up in mason ohio and be down in houston texas on monday. but anyway everyone in the office seem to be very good. this is the first time i worked for a company where every one in the office says thank you sir, and yes sir. come to find out they have to say that because they know us drivers are the one thats pays theirs paychecks. well when it comes to the e-logs I am still trying to get use to them the 11 and 14 hrs go buy very fast when u are busy working. well till next time.
  5. Wow!! You been letting it roll. Good job, driver.

    It's great to hear things are working out there. I like success stories.

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