my 10 year old girl got in trouble for beating up a boy....

Discussion in 'Truckers and Parenting' started by Mike, Mar 14, 2015.

  1. Mike

    Mike Well-Known Member Staff Member

    First, let me say that violence is wrong, and should be avoided if at all possible. Ok, I feel better now.

    This happened a couple weeks ago.

    My daughter is in 4th grade. Across the street lives a boy who is in 5th grade and clearly bigger than her.

    Well, the boy decided to pick a fight with her, big mistake. He was trying to look tough in front of the other boys while they were all walking home from school.

    Problem is, she fears nothing.

    I guess they went at it like kids will do, and at the end he kicked her in the back, which was followed by her kicking him so hard that he ran home crying. Yes, the bigger and older boy ran home crying.

    What's worse, he told his dad what happened and dad ended up at our front door to find out what happened. of I had been there, I am sure I would have busted out laughing, but my wife had to handle it instead.

    She made my daughter go to his house an apologize. When she got there, the kid started yelling at his dad to get her away from the house.

    Now, the boy's dad stands outside waiting for his son to get home. I guess he thinks my kid is a bully, lol.

    I had to be the mature Dad in this situation, but I'm pretty sure I failed. I mean seriously, how could I be mad at the kid?

    It made me think about when I was that age. Neighborhood bully picked a fight with me, and I ran. I got home and told my mom. Biggest mistake of my life because she whipped me and told me I better not ever run from somebody like that again. The next day, the bully got a beat down, and guess what? His parents showed up at my house to get me in trouble. Mom sent them on their way quickly And I got along great with that kid from that day forward.
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  2. Kiwi303

    Kiwi303 Not a fruit

    I guess it's a change from the days when a man would have thought his son was a fruit and a pansy for being beaten by a girl rather than thinking the girl is a bully.
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  3. Keendriver

    Keendriver Hates all of you Supporter

    Great.......she'll prolly end up driving a Pro-Star and not be able to find hiking boots to use to kick some dumbass drivers ass.

    Good for her!
    Not much worse than a bully.......'specially one that picks on a girl.
    Seriously!! a girl??!!
    What has bullying come too?
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  4. Keendriver

    Keendriver Hates all of you Supporter

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  5. Keendriver

    Keendriver Hates all of you Supporter

    Or maybe.......

    Either way, I love seeing a bully get his.
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  6. 8978

    8978 ** Commie Express ** Supporter

    Geezus. I just spent an hour on YouTube watching underdog fights starting with that 67 year old Vietnam Vet beating the crap out of that kid harassing him on the bus.
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  7. Dinomite

    Dinomite Well-Known Member

    Hold the cotton pickin presses!! Dude kicks chick in the back, and the dame has to apologize. Ohhhhh H E double hockey sticks naw. This would of been a family tag team, thrilla in Manila, no holds barred. Last fam standing match. I'm sick to my stomach. I gotta go now!!
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  8. Sinister

    Sinister Smartass Emeritus Supporter

    My son made it to High Green Belt in Tang Soo Do before he decided he's not interested anymore. He was the youngest High Green in the history of that Karate school. Still haven't accepted that...I probably least that's what everyone tells me...

    Anyway, his nature is not aggressive or violent, and I'm not sure he would even defend himself if attacked.

    But if something like this were to happen, I'd buy my son ice cream.

    I think my daughter is a totally different story. She's quite aggressive, and has already been in trouble at day care for wrestling with other kids a little too aggressively.
  9. gearjammer

    gearjammer jammer Staff Member Supporter

    brings back a pleasant memory of my youngest daughter,
    She is now and weights 105 soaking wet, back when she was 10 a neighbor boy harassed her to no end, I remember watching out the window drinking coffee one morning as the two got into it he slapped her hard enough to knock her to the ground as i was scrambling around looking for my shirt and shoes she got up dusted herself off and with him wagging his finger in her face she proceeded to kick him in the balls I don't mean a half hearted kick but a kick that would have sent a soccer ball to the other end of the field followed by a hay maker that landed square on the side of his head.
    that afternoon here comes that boy limping down the road sporting a big ol shiner along with his father *****ing that my daughter hit him with a bat and that he was going to have to take his boy to the doctor and that I was responsible for any bill that ensued.
    After I told his dad what I had witnessed the left with the dad kicking the boys ass all the way back up the road.
    it seems that I wasn't the only one that witnessed the fight, a few of the neighbor hood kids saw it too and it didn't take long for the reason Brandon had a black eye that boy didn't live that one down all thru school the kids nicked named him squeaky because of the sounds he made even several days after this encounter.
    I guess them self defense classes my wife insisted my daughter take were not such a bad investment after all
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  10. Kiwi303

    Kiwi303 Not a fruit

    is now what and weighs 105?

    I'm guessing you meant to put an age in there but decided discretion is the better part of valour and a gentlemen never discloses a ladies true age :D They can be whatever they decide to tell you :p

    Besides, while you can keep out of reach of Injuns tomahowk, it's a bit more difficult to keep your distance from family :p Wearing a cricket box 24/7 would get uncomfortable :D
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  11. gearjammer

    gearjammer jammer Staff Member Supporter

    my wife informed me I am getting forgetful in my old age, she was in 7 grade when this happened which would have made her 12
    and as far as her current age discretion makes me say she is in her mid 20's
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  12. Injun

    Injun Rabid Squaw Staff Member Supporter

    That's an interesting name for a woman. What possessed your wife's parents to name her Discretion?
  13. Kiwi303

    Kiwi303 Not a fruit

    Maybe Honour, Charity and Patience and the other virtues were all used up...

    How big is your wifes family GJ?
  14. 8978

    8978 ** Commie Express ** Supporter

    Shirley you jest
  15. Mike

    Mike Well-Known Member Staff Member

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  16. 8978

    8978 ** Commie Express ** Supporter

    Since your awake. You can delete this post. The Sinister theme is gone
  17. Blood

    Blood Driveler Emeritus Supporter

    Me too.
    I'm waiting for Sinister to put a BRCB (big red clown boot) in your ass.
  18. Keendriver

    Keendriver Hates all of you Supporter

    He would have to send his kid.....Sinister's got no belt.
  19. Blood

    Blood Driveler Emeritus Supporter

    How do you know?
    You can't see his waist when he's hanging off the raft.

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  20. Sinister

    Sinister Smartass Emeritus Supporter

    I have a belt that stretches just in case I decide to haul feminine hygienic products for a living.
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