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  1. Akita27

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    How can I improve MPG without driving slow.

    I have a led foot but I was wondering if there is more tricks to improve mpg on my 2009 peterbilt 387 (Cummins)
  2. mndriver

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    Don't idle is the biggy.

    Keep your boost to a minimum when accelerating.

    Don't try to accelerate over the crest of the hill. And let the hill give you the speed back it took going down.

    Close the trailer to cab air gap. Mine is 27" between the cab skirt and trailer.

    Watch these too for more ideas.
    Cummins Driver Training for On-Highway Heavy-Duty Trucks - YouTube
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  3. ironpony

    ironpony Well-Known Member Supporter

    Low rolling resistance tires
    FASS air/water separator fuel pump
    Fleet air filters
  4. Mike

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    Gear your truck to run the speed you want to run. In other words, put gears under it that puts your truck in its most efficient rpm range at your cruise speed.
  5. If you no longer have warranty, and you're able to delete the emissions, that will help with fuel economy as long as you drive it so you get up to speed in the same distance as you did when it had the dpf and egr on.
  6. ironpony

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    Don't plan on taking it into an authorized shop for service. Some folks have been told they can't have their truck back until the emissions system is restored to the factory condition at their expense.
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