Millis Transfer


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LOL,sure alot different then what u said back in May.So u do alot of sitting huh.Makes me wonder why these companies hire drivers every week and the ones that are there are sitting.
Millis lies.. stay away!!! Unless you like not getting miles! I can't wait to leave here!


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I use to drive for Millis. Excellent trucks besides the fact that they are autos. Everything east of the mississippi river is their operating area. If you like beer and the smell of it, You'd be a great fit for Millis. I loved it when i was there, but depending on the dispatcher, you will sit somewhere waiting for a load. i sat in cherokee al, with 2 other drivers from Friday afternoon to monday morning. To be totally honest it just depends on the area your delivering to . If you have to go to Eden, NC, great group of guys there.