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Discussion in 'Melton Truck Lines' started by firecracker24, May 25, 2008.

  1. firecracker24

    firecracker24 Well-Known Member

    Hey all im back once again and now im thinking about this company. I swear this will be my last one until 2009. I was just wondering if anybody had any kind of info about them. I have talked to multiple drivers and staff members and it sounds like a good company. I have a friend thats about to start with them next week and hes the one that got me interested. I like the fact that they (put in writing ) have you maintain 2500 miles per week. and 37 cpm for no flatbed experience I think is pretty darn good. Just wanting to know what you guys think??
  2. Cerberus

    Cerberus In God We Trust

    i think you need to stay where your at. every OTR trucking job is the same. only diferent color trucks. the grass is not greener on the other side. if you keep moving around your gonna work yourself out of any good jobs out there and your gonna have to settle with the likes of swift or jb hunt.
  3. midnight lover

    midnight lover Well-Known Member

    In some cases the gooder companys now ask you how many jobs you held in the past three years if it is very many at all they pass on you. I dont think cerberus was being rude but trying to help. Although i disagre that all companys are the same some suck and some are gooder than others.But to fiend the one that is best for you that is the hard part. What sucked for me at a company might work out graet for others. If that mayed any sence
  4. semipenguin

    semipenguin Member

    I've heard they're a good company. I wish I could work for them...:sadbanana:
  5. firecracker24

    firecracker24 Well-Known Member

    Ok heres the scoop.. I started with them on the 17th nov. went thru a week of orientation which sucked like all orientations do.. got trk assigned on thursday but it was gettin detailed until monday. Had a ld right away ( i mean before i even had the trk!!) but ended up getting a different one when i got the trk. Theres not really any training at birmingham but the instructors laid back.. the motel is nice top of the line. had 3 lds since then most of them i have done on my own. but i never have to tell my dispatcher to pay me for something. She does it automaticlly. Plus she had to convince me to meet her when I was at the term. ( ya'll know how it is when you want to kill your dispatcher) but here they tell ya come on in sit down and watch us work that way I know what they do all day and they for the most part know what truck drivers do. They want everything legal and if theres any damage to trk or trl they get you in right away to get it fixed...
  6. Mike

    Mike Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Looks like you are off to a good start with Melton.
  7. firecracker24

    firecracker24 Well-Known Member

    Im still here at Melton.. The miles are still slow for me, but the guys I talk to are running good. Think they are still taking it easy on me cause im a girl. Even though they now know I can run. Pushed 3 days no sleep for a ld. Of course thats against company rules and I figure the will nail me for it soon. The owner tells us all the time that this is a stable company. We dont fire, but theres so many people quiting so we hire just enough to keep our trucks on the road. The one thing I can say is that I have always gotten a paycheck even if it was very small. I dont have to fight for layover pay, and if I can get 1800 miles I clear really good paycheck.
    The downfall is that like every other company we are starting to cut back. Our equipment isnt top of the line anymore. We have boxes in the truck that buzz when you hit a line on the road. Plus we are going to "SS" and automatics/ 10 speeds.
    All n all they treat me like a person not a number (of course we dont have numbers here).. Wish I could say more about the loads but they are starting to slowly poick back up hang in there guys.
  8. Anareo

    Anareo Active Member

    Hey Fire works at night..`I mean Fire cracker.

    How Is Melton treating you know?

    How much Experience did you have before you applied?

    And do you know are they hiring now?
  9. firecracker24

    firecracker24 Well-Known Member

    I will not be here much longer. This company is not a good fit for me. But it may work out for you. They are going downhill though. Like today because of there faulty equipment im stuck at a weight station witing to get my brakes on the trl fixed since they decided to catch fire. They aren't puttin the money they need to in the equipment anymore and are not considered top of the line by any means. The dot is going to start watching this company more closely now since they are finding more things wrong with equipment and drivers logs. They will tell you in orientation that you will run legal with this company and for the most part that was true. But now that freight has seemsed to pick up they are starting to push the drivers alittle harder. The adds that you see for them are lies. your paychecks will range between 200.00 - 700.00 dollars a week. The tarps are crap, the chains/binders are crap, no XM anymore the company owner said he was payin 80,000 a year on it. The trucks are KW 600 very small.

    They hire guys at 3 months OTR. I started at 14 months OTR.

    Yes I believe they are hiring. If flatbedding is what you want to do make sure you go to orienatation in tulsa they will make sure you get off to a good start. A week of training but you will have the keys to your trk by thursday. Starting pay is 36 cpm and goes up to 41 after a year. Most of the guys that come here love it. Mostly female DM's. good luck.
  10. Anareo

    Anareo Active Member

    The way I see it is ether way I'm gonna need experience in the flat bed division one way or another.. you know what I mean?

    36cpm is a really good starting pay as far as I know. What does mostly female DM's mean? Driver managers?
  11. firecracker24

    firecracker24 Well-Known Member

    yep u got it.. good luck. I think u would enjoy this company just follow there rules exactly as they are laid out n u wont have any problems,you can use me as ur referal if ya want. contact lucy shes really nice n will anwer any questions u have.
  12. Anareo

    Anareo Active Member

    Oh my gosh you're so sweet..

    BTW how did the whole brake fire go about? How did you get it fixed?
  13. "lost cause"

    "lost cause" New Member

    As far as maintenance, I think that melton goes above and beyond to do what they have to do to maintain there trucks. When I go to Tulsa or Laredo I have never had a problem getting something fixed. As far as tarps go. They are heavy crap, but if your tarps are in bad shape exchange them at the terminals for a new or repaired one. Crap tarps come from drivers not padding there loads and not maintaining the little holes Melton pays us well to tarp and maintain there equip. I am not saying your a problem but I am sure that we have many melton drivers here that just don't care. The people are great and "most" everyone is content w/Melton. Miles suck, but that is the case everywhere right now. To move a flatbed generally people have to be building something. In this state of economic down times people are not building so it sucks for us. Hang in there we'll benefit when the economy picks up
  14. firecracker24

    firecracker24 Well-Known Member

    melton was an ok company. for the most part they seemed to keep up with the equipment, i was just luckly enough to have the one trailer with a problem, and yes i did my pre trips/post trips. Its sucks knowing that I had that trailer for almost a month with no problems. As far as the people go they seemed to be really nice. Like all big companies no communication between night and day dispatch. Oh and theres the thing with them leaving me in texas with no way home to fla.. that was a downer. I found out a week later that a friend of mine was let go by them in ala and they wouldnt get him home to new york..
  15. PaganStorm

    PaganStorm New Member

    I worked for Melton from feb 06 to mar 07. Let me make this blunt. They are bigotts. Mr. Dave Decker of safety dept. is the worst. If you are not christian. They treat you like garbage and are very hatefull to you. I was even told by their safety dept. that Melton is for christians only and all others to stay out. Mr. Dave Decker went out of his way to make sure others like me faced hatred. Last I looked. That was called discrimination. I gave seven years of my life fighting for this country. I have as much right to be here as anyone. Melton also likes to load up you DAC report with lies. They also lie to you when they fire you. Reassuring you that you are not gonna be fired. But once you get to Tulsa. You are jobless and on a bus. Melton is bad knews.
  16. mitsgr

    mitsgr New Member


    I do agree with you on Melton. We have always heard they are a great company. Until my husband started working there. At first you think they care about the drivers. Then they start treating you bad, and start to lie to you. When the lying starts...the miles will slow down. My husband has never been late, wants to run, does not like to sit. He has nothing on his driving record. Hes a hard worker. If you ask for extra miles your miles will drop off, his dm will not answer his phone. What if there is an emergency, that is not right or safe. If you ask to run on the weekends, all of a sudden you will sit. He does more sitting than running. His pay went from average of 700.00-900.00 to 200.00 and 400.00.
    I would advise people to stay away from Melton. They don't care as much as they lead you to believe. I do not get were people think they are a good company, I wonder if some of the melton employees really care if the company is making money. I think the main people need to make a surprise visit and talk with the drivers instead of the dispatchers. They need to clean up the dispatchers. Some dispatchers have been great, but, there are some that are only out for themselves, and I do think they think there job is a joke, and don't care about the company or the drivers.
  17. rick1313

    rick1313 New Member

    bad worst company ive ever worked for lordsburg new mexico im sitting for restart 115 degre sumertime and qualcom says im idling to much and then my phone rings teling me i should shut my truck off,in phoenix u leave a dog in a vehicle like that ur going to jail,if ur not unloaded early friday morning u sit til monday;then wen i tell em i quit they give me a goodload but i told em route me to terminal to drop truck off and they can repower load,ahour later a tow truck pulled up in front of my house and took it ,melton said i abbbandon equip,, ive never refused a load at any company and tow truck driver said they were idiots wen i showed him the quall com messages were i was telling dispatcher to route me thru terminal
  18. Bolt

    Bolt Member

    Firecracker are you still with Melton?

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